Sunday, March 2, 2008

Rachel and Tinkerbelle....

I had to do a post about Rachel and her furry 3 lb best friend Tinker. Well, to start Tinker joined the family in October, 2006. She was 8 weeks old and just precious! Now, Trevor had Gus our big fat grey cat so since Rachel absolutely loves dogs we thought a small puppy would be the ticket to bring her hours of love and play and we were right! CJ knew a family that bred and sold Yorkies so he made a few calls and drove 12 hours round trip to get Rachel her "puppy gogg" (There's nothing daddy wouldn't do for his kids.) I'll never forget the meeting, it was October 28th, 2006 and Trevor was having a movie night with his friends, I was upstairs with Rachel preparing her for her puppy. We put together her bed, water and food bowls, etc... I also bought her a book with lots of puppy pictures but for a little 2 year old she couldn't wrap her mind around it all. A few hours later, daddy called to let us know he was down the road and to have her ready at the door. So at 10:30 pm, I wrapped my baby girl in her fluffy pink rob and brought her out on the chilly porch as we waited for daddy, she still had no idea what was going on... Here comes daddy up the sidewalk with this tiny little black and brown head sticking out of his shirt pocket. The look on Rachel's face was priceless! She went from smiling and giddy to smiling, slightly crying, to laughing to clinging to me! For the first time in Rachel's life (no joke) she was speechless!!!

Fast forward through the two years we've had Tinker. Rachel and Tinker are glued at the hip. Tinker has gone as far as snicking up to Rachel's room to wake her up! They eat, swim, ride bikes (tinker in the basket), sleep, play, and get in trouble together. This dog is such a blessing to our little girl, their love is unconditional and deep. Only Rachel could love a stinky dog like Tink and only a dog like Tinker would let Rachel brush and style her hair, dress her up and check to see if she has any loose "tooths". I love this kid of mine, she is such an animal lover and advocate for the smallest of creatures. I asked her the other day if she was going to be a animal doctor and her reply "No, I'm going to have a beauty shop for girls and dogs" No doubt about that!

I posted some cute pics of the two of them and one of Rachel and me. Today, Rachel and mom had a rough day with a few attitude issues so after book club, we looked through some older photos and when we came to this particular photo, she said...."There's the super girls" and I hugged my baby and thanked God that she was chosen to be my "super girl" forever!

Proud mommy to Rachel Catherine

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AnnaB said...

Amy! I may just have to say every time that you post..."I LOVE this". How sweet and fun to read about a beautiful little girl and her dog. And what a neat thing that in a day of frustration you chose to make it a day of thanksgiving. LOVE it.