Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Not going private yet...

Ok, I'm a big dork but due to a few family members that shall remain nameless, expressed "it's too hard to log into your blog when it's private" asked me to old off a bit until I can walk them through it. So, I will keep you posted but for now it's will remain open.

Many have emailed and asked if we were ok. My husband is fine but on the adoption front we have hit a major wall. As much as I want to I cannot talk or write about it but let me tell you this...We are in the eye of a storm. God showed up BIG time last night to give me confirmation to keep moving forward so that is what we are doing. And I give BIG props to Chin@ for being very kind and generous.

Please pray for us and Madelyn. Some days, I want to crawl in a ball and die but as of yesterday, my hope has been renewed.

Thank you for all of your concern. Love you all!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Going private...again...

I have decided I am going to go private again. If you follow my blog and would like an invite to view, please email me at


Monday, October 19, 2009

On Hiatus.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day one.

As I am sitting here watching the Bears game, my husband is walking with bibles packed in his bags to smuggle across the border into mainland China. He, along with 10 others will make this 5 mile trip 3-4 times each day, walking 15-20 miles per day. Each time I think of him my stomach drops. I know the team is being watched by our heavenly father and I am keeping the faith here and lighting my candle every night praying for my sweet hubby until he is home. My heart is heavy thinking of all the Chinese people that wait and pray for their own bible so that they too will know the power of Christ's love. My personal prayer is for the birth families of my sweet babies Madelyn and Linzhi, I pray a bible is placed in their hands one day or that they already have one and their lives are being transformed and renewed. I know my husband signed up for this mission with the same purpose in mind. He told me today on the phone, these people are Linzhi's people and I could tell he was grateful to give back to the country that has given us so much JOY in our girls. If you think of it at night while it's day time in China, please pray the borders are open and they can get across with no issues...No issues means MORE bibles in China!!!

God is so very good.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Missing our guy...But staying busy!

Thank you Jesus! I heard from CJ via text and email that they made it safe and sound to Hong Kong!!!! Thank you for all your prayers! We sure miss him!! The girls are showing how much they miss their daddy in different ways. For instance, Linzhi is very, very sad. She will stop and cry throughout the day asking when daddy is coming home. Below is a picture that sums up her mood the last couple of days. My sweet girl has a broken heart.

Rachel on the other hand has decided she's going to become a bit of a stinker, a pretty little stinker but a stinker for sure. This picture perfectly captures her mood the last couple of days...So I've been...LOL...CRY....LOL....CRY....Beg God for get the picture, right???

Trevor has been a GOD send to his mama. He's been a great help with the dogs and the girlies. It's cute how he corrects them if they get out of line. He's even given me a few extra hugs (much needed I must say). I love my boy!

Took the girls to the farmer's market and took these cute pics..Here's miss Linzhi Lu.

And...Miss Rachel Cate.

I threw this picture in of me because my darling Rachel snapped it of me as I was reminding her the new color books and crayons are for everyone...For the 4th time. When she snapped the picture I broke out in complete laughter otherwise, I would have bawled!! Both girls were in bed by 7:15P for good reason. We had Trevor's brother and sister (dad's kids) spend the night and Rachel did not get enough sleep and poor Miss Linzhi is not only sad about daddy but she has come own with a yucky cold.

Here's a self portrait Rachel took of herself after mama had the discussion about the crayons. This child is missing her daddy too and is expressing it the only way she knows how...He face says it all!

I LOVE this picture! I came home from dropping CJ and Rod off at the airport and walked in on my girls rolling dice with grandma and grandpa!!! How cute is that! I love Linzhi and Rachel's expressions. PRICELESS! Linzhi has the looked of "busted" and Rachel has the look of "don't bother me I'm on a roll" Actually, grandma was teaching them "bunko"

I've got lots of things planned the next few weeks to keep their minds off of missing daddy, so more pictures to come...
God bless,

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Redirecting my energy.

As most of you know, we are STILL awaiting our approval from USCI$ in order to get our documents to China (DTC). We are now past 60 days and yes, we had an issue come up that we needed to supply additional paperwork to clarify...So to say I'm a nervous wreck would be a slight understatement. I have some dear friends that are going through similar issues that I'm praying for all of them as well. So yesterday, I was driving aimlessly around town to kill time before picking up Rachel from school and I just finally surrendered my heart and anxiety on my precious Jesus. To be real here, I have not been myself for the last month. On Sept. 4th, we got an email from USCI$ and Karla at Lifeline with some disturbing news that our application was in question, my heart sank and it has not returned to it's normal place since then. I was sick with fear through CJ's 20th class reunion, our wedding anniversary, our weekend getaway for our anniversary, a wedding, a 50th birthday, another wedding, Trevor's homecoming, dance class, field trips, etc.... You get the point. I allowed fear, anxiety, worry, wonder, my pride (how dare they question us???) get in the way of enjoying my present life with my kids and husband. I must say though, I'm pretty good at keeping it together for the sake of my kids but at night I would dump my heart and soul on CJ, I would either cry or convey my frustration and the "What if's" if by chance we are denied. IT. WAS. AGONY. (and it may hit me again). But as of yesterday afternoon, I decided USCI$ is not the determining factor here because the truth is, God is above everything and ultimately, HE decides if we are approved or denied. Period. I trust Him and as much as we would be heartbroken if the decision does not go the way we would like it, I must be faithful and trust that His plan, His will, is what is best for Madelyn and our family. But as a human and a mother, I will be devastated with grief. So, today, my husband leaves for China, I will not let fear and anxiety get in the way our day. I will Trust our best interest is in the hands of God and will continue to pray for all my friends that are waiting or wondering about their approvals (PA, LOA, TA or from USCI$).

So back to yesterday... I got BUSY and redirected my energy on something more productive! We needed to wrap up some final adoption paperchasing things like, family photos and mounting paper so I can make them all pretty to send to CCA@, I also bought laminating stuff (I'm not crafty at all) so God willing I can get it all laminated too...We'll see about that one...LOL... I also got a hold of a local service that will certify and authenticate our approval once it arrives. So I feel like the clouds are lifting and I'm beginning to relax a bit. Sometimes I feel like God puts me in a time out until I decide to get out of HIS chair and let HIM do HIS work, not what I think He should do. I guess, I'm still learning here... Here is the quick family photo we took last night and boy, do I mean quick!

Yeah, the house isn't even in the picture like it was suppose to be...IT was SO cold!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Life. Is. Busy.

Oh my goodness, what a week already! As by beloved husband prepares to leave for China on Thursday for 14 days on a mission trip, I find myself with a laundry list of "honey do" items that he needs to take care of before he leaves. What happened to the independent, working gal that used to run every aspect of her own home without a honey to help her??? Well, I'm not saying I'm a light weight but I must admit, it's wonderful to have a mate/helper/best friend to share my life and all the extra things in life like, furnace filters, tenant issues, oh and a six month old LARGE puppy named Russ... so needless to say...I'm gonna miss him!

Our understanding is we are not allowed to post any information on the purpose of the mission in China, all I can say it has to do with the delivery of bibles. Please keep my honey and the other people involved in your prayers, please pray the Lord opens the borders so they can get in and out with ease. As much as I can I will keep you posted. CJ does plan on sending me pictures of their journey however I will not put any captions as to where they are located. God is such an awesome God! I am just so thankful China is getting the opportunity to hear the Gospel. So on that note, I want to add another prayer request for the people in China and that they may find Hope, comfort and salvation in the ONE who gave it all away so that we may live. I am truly in awe of our Savior. He moves mountains, everyday.

God bless.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

One less...

I am PRAISING the LORD for opening the hearts of another family to Special Needs adoption!

My sweet friend Amanda and her husband Jason have answered the call with open arms and open hearts for a precious little girl from China! Linzhi and Lia are only 2 weeks apart...I'm already planning play dates and trips to China Town!

Amanda is not only my friend, she is also Linzhi's occupational therapist...Not to mention I BABYSAT her many many years ago...Yes, I'm old! LOL...

Amanda has started a beautiful blog to document her adoption journey, please check it out and PRAY for this family as they begin the journey so many of us know.

Here's the link below.

Sown in My Heart: Our Red Thread Chapter 1

Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my soul mate and best friend. I thank God everyday for you!