Thursday, July 15, 2010

See you in Wuhan!

Well, we're almost 12 hours away from leaving and as you can imagine, I still have a lot to do.

Thank you all for your prayers for our travel but also for the support and encouragement when we thought this adoption would not even take place. I am without words when I think of how you all covered us with prayers. This journey happened by the grace of God and all of you!

Here's our travel site, please come with us!!! =)

Much love to all!
Amy, CJ, Trevor, Rachel, Linzhi and Madelyn

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our game plan!

Full of butterflies!! Crying at everything!! We're ready!!July 16th – Leave Chicago for Wuhan

July 17th –Arrive in Wuhan, get checked into the hotel (and sleep!)

July 18th –Shop for any necessary items.

July 19th- “FOREVER FAMILY DAY” We will be meeting our daughter at 9am! (8pm-Sunday CST) Afternoon, we will go shopping for our Miss Madelyn!

July 20th- Adoption day! Free in the afternoon.

July 21st- Sightseeing in the AM, PM free time.

July 22nd-CJ flies home. Trevor, Madelyn and I will visit the orphanage in the AM. Complete paperwork in the afternoon.

July 23rd- Get Madelyn’s passport and then fly to Guangzhou in the early evening.

July 24th- Guangzhou! Medical exam, Visa photo and Shopping! Late afternoon more paperwork for me. =)

July 25th- Group picture and then headed to the Jade and Pearl market for more shopping.

July 26th- TB test for Madelyn, possibly more shopping.

July 27th-Guangzhou zoo

July 28th- Consulate appt. (CA)

July 29th- Swearing in at the American Consulate.

July 30th- Pick up Madelyn’s Visa.

July 31st- FLY HOME SWEET HOME!!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Time is flying!

I can't believe we're only 5 sleeps away before boarding that plane to China!!!!

We found out that Madelyn has been told we are coming...I got total goosebumps when I read the email! I wonder what is going through her mind?!?! Please keep praying for her! Every time I think of her, I tear up...I can't believe in 8 days we will be able to actually look at her, possibly even hug her!!!

Your prayers are covering my Rachel! She has now gone from being very nervous and weepy to letting herself get excited for their "vacation" to grandma's and grandpa's. Now Linzhi Rose is not at all anxious, she is SO excited to go on Vacation that she packed her entire book case! I told her she had to unpack some of that stuff because her suit case is way to heavy, she then looked at me and said "But mama, I need all my stuff to go to grandma's!" How cute is my baby girl?

As far as packing goes, I am just about done. I've been taking my time to iron, organize and label...Yep, I'm a dork! I really over packed the first time around but this time I've decided to simplify and not pack any food...except for my Folgers singles, vanilla creamer and Twizzlers, got to have some sugar!! I have three good books that I can't wait to get into, my ipod and camera, I'm good to go! I'm going to bring some games, nail polish, color books/crayons, and some other goodies for Madelyn however, we plan on taking her shopping so she can pick out some clothes, snacks and any toys or books she would like as well. I really can't wait to take her shopping, I'm anxious to see what she likes and dislikes. =)

I feel like it's all coming together so all I have to say is...GET ME ON THE PLANE!

I'll post my itinerary as soon as I get the second half of it, we're still waiting on Guangzhou. I can tell you we get Madelyn on Monday, July 19th at 9AM!!!

Good night and God bless,

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


WOW, what a week already!! We have our confirmed Consulate appointment July 28th!!
We will depart Chicago on July 16th and return on the 31st. It's a bit longer than I thought but I am so grateful Madelyn will be in our arms finally!!! I'm waiting to get our official itinerary from Karla at Lifeline which I will post so you all can see and I will post the link to our travel site again if you would like to follow us along to China! All your prayers mean so very much to our entire family.

There is so much going through my mind. All the what if's...Like is she going to kick and scream because she does not want to be with us (possibly) or is she going to run into our arms and let us hug and kiss her (um...maybe a slight chance) or is she going to be shy, reserved and scared? Who knows? We are again like all adoptive families going into the unknown. However, I will not forget how the Lord completely delivered this child from the life of an orphan. I know I will cling to that as we begin this new journey with Madelyn. She may not want us at first but we certainly want her and that will never change. All the prayers this child is getting from people all over the place will surely help in the transition from orphan to daughter. I covet them all and get so weepy when I think of all the folks that have our backs in prayer. There is so much power to prayer!

I do have another prayer request for our Rachel. She is having a tough time with us leaving, every morning she says "well mama, 9 more days..." it totally breaks my heart into a million pieces. Oh my heart. This journey is so bitter sweet because I am (like so many mama's) not complete unless all my ducks are with me... I guess you can say, we're a little weepy around here but still praising the Lord for all the good He has done!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Here we go...

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I was so shocked to get the email today!!!! Looks like our Consulate appointment will be on the 26th or 28th of July which means...We're leaving 2 weeks from today!!!!! Our Forever Family day is July 19th!!!!! I will have more concrete dates on Tuesday!

Is this really happening??????


*I will post more on Linzhi's doctor's appointment once we have more information. We're waiting for scheduling to call us, the doctor ordered an MRI on her brain and spine. He believes Linzhi does not have Arthrogryposis, he feels she may have a spinal injury due to a possible traumatic birth. We will know more once the MRI results are reviewed. This changes everything! Please keep our Linzhi in your prayers. We praying to get the MRI done before we leave for China. I will keep you all posted.