Monday, March 17, 2008

Jesus, Easter and Goldfish Crackers

On Sunday evening, I sat the girls down on the couch with their evening snack of Goldfish crackers, milk for Rachel and water for Linzhi... They were anxiously awaiting our favorite book to end the night but I thought it was time to tell them the kid friendly version of the last week of Jesus' life. Holy week is very sentimental to CJ, Trevor and me and I really wanted to girls to be introduced to Easter other than "The Easter bunny" so I took the Crucifix off the shelf, the girls were able to touch the nails in his feet and hands, his hair, and his "towel" then I began the story of how Jesus gave his life for us. They were looking at me with big, tender eyes, both girls said in concerned voices a few times "poor Jesus" Linzhi of course repeating Rachel, it was very precious for me to see how they felt pity for him, they were both concerned that he was hungry and thirsty on the cross and asked me if "someone gave him a water bottle" I said no, he didn't have anything to eat or drink. So as I continued to talk I saw Rachel pick up a Goldfish and gently put it to his mouth, I didn't say anything and she didn't either, I don't even think she saw me looking at her, it came right from her heart and I know her heart belongs to Jesus! Now Linzhi kisses everything and the golden Jesus on the cross was no exception, I think he was kissed 4 times total =D. After I told the whole story the sad and the happy parts, we held hands and prayed to Jesus and asked him to stay in our hearts forever! I did this same thing with Trevor when he was little and I have to say each time is just as precious for me to see my babies loving the one who died on the cross for them, for all of us. My prayer is that my children never leave the path of God and that they always share the reason for the hope and joy they have with others.

Many Blessings during Holy week~


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