Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Prayers needed for Julia!!

Dear friends, I received this upsetting email this evening and I am just speechless. This family offered encourgment and insight on China as we were preparing for Linzhi Rose. All I can say is...PRAY for her. I know the Lord can heal her, I believe that will all my heart. I am just so upset for her and her family. Frankly, I am tired of CANCER! Within 3 months, I am praying for 3 people suffering from Cancer. Lindsay, Diane and now Julia. I must go pray. ..Below is an email from her aunt.

Thank you friends for your prayers. The bone marrow biopsy and spinal tap testing from today are negative. We praise God that the Leukemia has not spread to these areas. Julia started her first Chemo today and should be able to go home tomorrow afternoon. She will have Chemo once a week at Children's Memorial Hospital. We are not sure yet for how long.

It is hard to be sad around Julia....she is so sweet and always has a smile on her face! Her beautiful spirit keeps us staying positive!

Thank you once again for your prayer covering. Jill and Brian have been through so much in their short marriage after losing their little boy at birth several years ago and then losing mom to Cancer last year. They really need God's strength and comfort now more than ever.

Love to all,


Monday, August 25, 2008

This and that and an update on my cousin Lindsay

Well, there will not be pictures with this post because my old camera is just not cutting the mustard any more so my sweet hubby went out and bought me a cute blue Cannon. As I type, it's charging so I will post some pics from my new camera tomorrow.

Anyway, we had a very busy weekend! Grandma Sharon had a birthday on Saturday, I helped her hubby plan a surprise party. It was a great time and She was really surprised! I thought for sure she knew something was up but I guess I was wrong.

My mom, grandma Vanessa had her birthday on Sunday. My sister Allison, CJ, myself and our gang took my mom and her husband John out for a Mexican dinner, we had a great time talking, laughing and eating. My girls and Trevor love their grandma's so much and so do we!

One more week until preschool and dance class starts for both girls. We found a sweet Christian dance studio at the mall. They dance to Christian pop music, show tunes and classical tunes so I am so pleased with finding this place. I looked around and really didn't like what I saw as far as how these little girls were dressed so provocatively. We decided if there wasn't a place that was suitable for our girls, dance class wasn't going to be an option and that would have broken Rachel's heart. I prayed for some time about it and just happened to run into the place when I was shopping at the mall! i heard of the place but I didn't know it was a Christian studio! I will definitely post pictures from their first class next week. Dance starts Monday and Pre-school starts on Wednesday so it's going to be a big week for my baby girls.

My cousin Lindsay starts chemo on Thursday. I believe it will be over the next six months. She did get some encouraging news. She is not stage 3 but stage 2!!! This increases her survival rate to 80-90%. Praise God!! Please pray for her, she is very anxious, scared, etc... I can't imagine what she's going through.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Summer is coming to an end...

Well, it's official. Trevor's last day of summer vacation is over. He will start his second year of HS tomorrow. Boy, summer went fast! I do LOVE the fall season but I still want to hang on to the last bit of this beautiful weather we've been having here in the Midwest high 70's low 80's. CJ and I walk 4 nights a week and it's just lovely to be able to walk without the high humidity. So unusual for this time of the year. Trevor said to me last week. "watch when I go back to school we're going to have a heat wave" Oh my goodness, he was right! The heat is coming back tomorrow!!! Oh well, he'll muttle through like every other year. I am going to miss him around the house. When the girls are gone on Tuesdays (they visit G&G Sills), it was nice to go to lunch with just Trevor and it's also nice to have someone else in the house when I'm working alone. I tend to get a little spooked...LOL... I laugh but it's so true! September is around the corner so that means our wedding anniversary is coming! CJ and I always go to this quaint little town called Galena. We stay in a B&B, frequent the same restaurants, shop the same shops and always go to 1-2 movies at the local theater. It's such a wonderful time to reconnect and just be alone and carefree. Now more than ever in our marriage do we need this get away. It's been a tough couple of weeks. With kids, the house, church, bible studies, family illness, etc... it seems our marriage can be put on the back burner and that's not where we want it to be! So we are both looking forward to this getaway more than any other year.

Anyway, here are some cute pics from the weekend. Enjoy and God bless!

Grandma and Grandpa came by for a visit on the motorcycle...

The girls with G&G

Summer project almost done... making a bird house with daddy.

I kept telling Rachel to "hold" her smile because I was having issues with the camera... Isn't that the cutest!

Sweeping the garage...look at those hands!! For us to see her gripping the broom is BIG TIME!! OT and exercise seems to be working! WAY TO GO LINZHI!

Big brother hugs...

No longer a freshman...now he's a Sophomore...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My interview with the Daily Journal

My sweet baby with her sweet baby!

Isn't she beautiful!

Ok, I got Linzhi to smile but she's still looking the other way and Rachel is frozen in her smile...LOL

I think this one is cute...so typical when I'm trying to take a picture...Linzhi usually looking the oher way!

This is one of the pictures I sent to the Journal.

Well, yesterday Ms. Michelle from the girls pre-school called to tell me the local paper asked her for the name of a family that would be available to interview for an upcoming article on choosing private pre-school over public school and how we manage the cost with the economy being tight. I was thrilled that she chose us because I just love her and the school so it was my time to really brag on them. The reporter called me right away. We spoke for roughly 15 minutes and then he said he may call back to meet at the school to take a picture of the girls. I offered to send him a picture via email and he said "sure". So Rachel, Linzhi and I took a few "going to school" pics on the front porch with their book bags...it was too funny...Linzhi thought she was really going to school with her t-shirt and diaper on! When the article comes out I'll figure out how to post the link.

Have a great day!

Friday, August 8, 2008

A picnic with grandpa Dale...

Yesterday morning, CJ was with the girls while I caught up on some work. I hear this quiet knock on my door, to my surprise it was CJ asking me to grab the camera. We found our sweet little girls have a picnic with Grandpa Dale. Grandpa Dale is CJ's father that passed away before Rachel was born. I never had the opportunity to meet him either, which has been a disappointment for both CJ and myself. CJ talks to the girls about his dad a lot. Rachel now is asking more questions about him and likes to have a picture of him on her book shelf. So as CJ was putting away laundry (isn't he sweet), the girls, on their own made a picnic, with drinks, books, nail polish, etc...And Grandpa Dale was the guest of honor. I'm sure there were smiles in heaven yesterday.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

OK, what would you do?

Today, I took my little girls to get their pre-school physicals. We have gone to this doctor for 5 years and NEVER had issues with care...until today.

Linzhi had a complete meltdown today in the doctor's office, it all started when she was asked to step on the scale and it didn't end until we were driving home. Let me fill in the blanks here. Something happened to our peanut, she must have had a trigger of a bad memory from a time when she wasn't with mommy and daddy. She would not make eye contact with me and went from crying to screaming to shaking. I have never seen her like this and it terrified both Rachel and me. Now, when the doctor came in the room (keep in mind he helped us through the whole pre-adoption) he went on ahead and completed Rachel's exam through all the screaming and crying and when it came to Linzhi we both had to hold her down. He was like a robot with Linzhi, turning her, holding her head down without saying a word to her. I was trying to hold and comfort my child who acted as those she didn't even recognize me but I still held her and tried to assure her she was ok. Now, I know he is not her family and I wasn't expecting him to love on her but he completely showed a different mannerism with Rachel. He didn't even acknowledge Linzhi. My heart was racing and my face was flush, I was trying to hold back my tears as he finished her exam. When he finished, he literally walked away without saying a word, I looked up to ask him if he wanted us to wait here or go in the lobby? As I was about to ask, I saw him walking out the door ROLLING his eyes! He then proceeded to walk out and shut the door. No instructions on what we were to do next. At this point, excuse my anger I was going to come out of my skin. I opened the door with my screaming child on my hip and asked "Are you finished?" He said "yeah, you can take her out to the waiting room, it's empty" At this point not only am I shaking but Rachel is asking with great concern, what is wrong with my sister? So, we proceed to go out to the waiting room as he finishes writing up the physical forms, we waited for 10 minutes! At this point Linzhi was kicking and thrashing (so unlike her), I put her down on the chair and sat next to Rachel as she was looking at a Highlights magazine. I put my hand on Linzhi's knee just to let her know I was still there with her. She still wouldn't make eye contact so I just let her be(screaming and crying). Finally, after the 10 minutes of waiting I went up to the glass window, knocked and asked if I could pick up the forms later? Dr. S tells me it will just be a few more minutes. I pointed my finger at him and said, "I'm leaving in 30 seconds" I promise you, I tried my best to NOT get ugly with him but I was at my limited with his callus attitude. I walked away, grabbed my screaming child, held the hand of my very confused and worried older daughter and proceeded to walk out the door when the receptionist ran out with the forms. I could tell she had compassion because she came with stickers and a smile. I thanked her and walked to my car in tears and prayed for strength and forgiveness. As I put the girls in the car, hands shaking I call the one besides God that gives me strength, my husband. As I'm telling him about our experience, my cell phone does dead! I guess the Lord wanted me to continue praying which is what I did. I prayed for my little girl that was finally coming out of a very dark place and I prayed that Rachel would see her sisters pain and have compassion which she did. We finally made it home, to our safe haven from the sometimes ugly world. God blessed us with a cool evening so I sat in the garage and watched my babies ride their bikes until daddy came home. Still very upset about our experience...

OK, I love all my blogging buddies and trust your opinion... We have decided to find a new pediatrician immediately. Now, my question to all of you is... Do I write a letter (after praying for guidance) to this doctor OR do I let it be??? I am not one to keep my mouth shut and brush things under the rug BUT I also want to make God proud of me and I'm afraid to do the wrong thing...HELP!!!

Thanks again for letting me vent. Please pray for Linzhi. She is much better now and seemed herself at bedtime. We were able to snuggle and I got great eye contact from her and she said her prayers with sissy, giggled when daddy tucked them in... so all seems OK in her world but prayers always help. =)

Love and hugs,

Monday, August 4, 2008

Apple Picking Time and Trevor's home!

Enjoying the beautiful weather...

Rachel setting the table for Trevor's welcome home pizza dinner.

Exhausted but HOME!

Up from her nap and ready to play!

The fruits of our labor... Aren't they gorgeous!

PLEASE DON"T FALL!! I do not like heights and he was too high for me!

Climbing up the ladder and giving mom a smile. I love this kid!

Daddy and Rachel picking apples. I love this picture of Rachel!

Rachel up on the ladder getting ready to pick her favorite apples...

This weekend was just perfect! We couldn't ask for better weather. Our little family was reunited with our Trevor as he returned safe and sound from a wonderful trip to the East Coast. He came home exhausted, needing a shower and a bag full of dirty clothes and HUNGRY!...LOL... So this mama's heart is complete with all her kiddies back in the nest. As we waited for Trevor to come home we took advantage of our pool and just had a bit of a leisurely weekend. CJ moved some rock to finish off the entry way to the pool, the girls and I started to go through some old toys to donate or throw away and of course, I had to make my way to the grocery store. Shopping for groceries is becoming a little depressing (teasing) but it is hard to see my grocery bill rising every week and I haven't changed a thing on my list. I pray things get better. The Lord has blessed us but I remember being a single mother and watching every single penny. I can't imagine what it's like now. I always pray for single parents, I have a soft spot in my heart for them.
OK, so Sunday afternoon when we were finished swimming and miss Linzhi was down for nap that she requested (it's true)! I was looking at the apple trees and I noticed how big they are this summer. I told Rachel it was APPLE PICKING TIME! She has been waiting and waiting for this. She LOVES the tart apples and started eating them way too early... Anyway, CJ got the big ladder and away we went. Now, CJ went too far for my comfort level as I'm afraid of heights but boy, did he get some big apples! Rachel and I took a bowl next door to our lovely neighbors Doc and Linda and had a nice visit with them. By this time, Linzhi was awake and CJ walked her over to visit too! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I can't believe how fast summer is going...