Friday, March 21, 2008

Our Good Friday

For many reasons Good Friday is a sentimental day for me, I am always much more reflective on my life and the one who gave his life. It rained here much of the day which I think is very fitting as it is a bit of a bittersweet day. I did however have a wonderful bible study at church with Rod, we had a nice visit as well (CJ did too, he met with Rod in the morning). I came home, gave the girls a much needed bath along with a day at "Mommy Amy's beauty shop" I styled the girls hair and gave them a nice foot massage with some thick, yummy smelling lotion, took off old nail polish and well... just spruced them up for the weekend of family get together's. Trevor is on Spring Break so it was nice to see him around the house too. Once Trev was done with his paper route, we took the kids to China Chef for our traditional Friday night dinner of sweet and sour chicken, General Tso (hot) and a cheeseburger =D
Since we had no major meltdowns at the restaurant, we decided to take the girls to see the Easter bunny at the mall (I'll post the picture later). Anyway, we only had one family ahead of us so the girls didn't have much time to change their minds... when it was our turn, Rachel walked right up and let me put her on his lap...Miss Linz wanted NOTHING to do with the "Easter boony" she started screaming and shaking and would not let CJ put her down so he walked away from her and I stood watching Rachel as she sat on the bunny's lap with a funny "deer in headlights" look...snapped the picture and moved very quickly off his/her lap!!! It was hilarious! So the picture is of Rachel only, both Linzhi & Trevor decided to sit this one out...maybe next year =D
After the mall we dropped Trevor off at his friends house for a little get together and we came home to start coloring our Princess eggs. Rachel has been eye balling these eggs all day, we decided to name them after family members as well. =D Linzhi just wanted to hold them and I believe she licked one too...that's our Linz...with her arms being so limited she uses her mouth for almost everything, this is something she'll be challenged to break once her arms get moving more to her favor. WHAT a day that will be!!! Come one June 16th!!! That is our first visit scheduled with Shriner's Hospital in Chicago.
I also have decided to get my blog revamped, I put an order in and I'm so EXCITED to see what Danielle can do...more to come on that!
Have a wonderful Easter to whoever reads my blog =D


AnnaB said...

Happy Easter!!! Slow on checking in since we are on vacation. Sounds like you had a beautiful time. What a joyous holiday huh?

AnnaB said...

OK Amy, I just reread this post and I must have been half dazed when I read it before. The Easter Bunny experience does not sounds all that "beautiful"!

Shriners Hospitals for Children - Chicago said...

Greetings from Shriners Hospitals for Children! We are always thrilled to here about the exciting lives of our patients. We look forward to meeting you all in June.