Sunday, March 2, 2008

On our own...

Well, once a month CJ does monthly inspections for a client that is about 2 hours away from here so he spends 1-2 nights down in Bloomington in order to get all his work done on time so when he leaves, we're all on our own. I know this sounds sappy and corny but I miss him! He'll be back tomorrow but I still miss him! Anyway, the girls were up by 6:30 am (ouch) so that meant we definitely had an early start to our day. I am NOT a morning person, if I could sleep in until 10am every morning, I would...guilt free! BUT with kids, a PT job and all the other important and miscellaneous duties required of me I CAN'T! And some mornings it just hurts!!! :-) Well, the girls woke up in great moods and were desperate to get down stairs to play with their toys and I desperately needed my coffee. So off we went....I got three loads of cloths washed and folded, girls hair done and dressed for church, myself showered and beautified...Then, it was off to get the other "non" morning person up...TREVOR! See, he gets up for his paper route at 5:45am but he's done my 7am so he goes back to sleep but it's a deep sleep so trying to get him up requires mom to pull out all the stops. Singing off key and extra loud, pull open the curtains, threats, more singing and more's amazing how none of the above works for me but all CJ has to say is "time to get up Trev" and he's up! Kids are so different with dads, well mine are anyway. :-)
We were out the door and to church with 10 minutes to spare...The message today was so neat, I got chocked up a few times. Our Pastor is doing a series on the last week Jesus was on earth before his ultimate sacrifice. I still have not seen "The Passion of the Christ" because to see what physical pain, not to mention emotional pain he had to go through, is almost too much for me to see. I love the made for TV movie "Jesus of Nazareth" I've seen it thousands of time and still I get very emotional at the end. With that said, I am currently reading the book of Mark and ironically I'm at the same part, actually right before Judas betrays him and for the life I can't get through it without tears. It takes my breath away, I just love him so.
After church, I took the kids to one of our favorite restaurants...The Olive Garden. We got the usual. Trevor, chicken alfredo, Rachel and Linzhi, croutons, shredded cheese and plain spaghetti w/ grilled chicken, Mom, soup and salad. It was great and the girls were really good! The only piece missing was my CJ. By the time we got back into town, it was time to drop Trevor off at youth group,then it was time to pick him up! His best friend Alec came home with him for the night since there is no school tomorrow for Trevor or Rachel. With Alec here serving as another pair of eyes I thought maybe I could leave the girls with the guys while I go and spend a birthday gift card that's been burning a hole in my pocket for the last month. Trev agreed and off I went! When I came home my mom and John were over so we had a nice visit then off toe book club, prayer (with daddy on speaker), brush teeth, hugs and many kisses, lights out and bed! After this episode of "Little people, big world" lights out for me too!
Good night,

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