Sunday, March 30, 2008

Please pray for Hannah Moore

My dear friend Susan (and Richard ;) have a beautiful 5 year old daughter from China that has been in her forever family for almost 4 months. Hannah has a medical condition that is requiring brain surgery that will take place on Monday, March 31.

Please keep this precious family in your prayers. Hannah asked her mommy if she would be there for her in the hospital and Susan reassured her that mommy or daddy would be with her at all times. Then, Hannah hugged her mommy and said "Thank you mommy" It brought me to tears because I know there are many little ones without mommies and daddies to be there when they face pain, fear, sickness, loneliness, etc... It makes me think of my Linzhi too. How precious these babies are no matter what age. Every kid needs a family.

Please pray for Hannah and the entire Moore family.

I'll post updates =D

Many blessings,

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AnnaB said...

We will keep little Hannah in her prayers. You are absolutely right, EVERY child deserves the love of a mommy and daddy. What a sweet blessing that Hannah has that to comfort her during this scary time. Please tell your friend that our thoughts and prayers are with her.