Thursday, March 6, 2008


My husband and I always go to Galena for our wedding anniversary. We visit the same historic hotel, shop the usual shops, eat at the same quaint little Italian restaurant, hold hands and talk about our life together. Now, our anniversary is September 6th but we decided we needed a little get away so we're going tomorrow for a long weekend. THIS time we're changing up a few things, well just one. We're staying at a B&B instead of the hotel. It's call the "Snoop Sisters inn" I love the name of it and history shows three sisters did actually live there during the time of the Civil War. I'm a total history buff and sometimes my imagination gets away with me especially in Galena because of the......well....GHOSTS!!! I said it, I know it's juvenile but that's the fun of it and my hubby tries to spook me out. I'll post some pictures of our weekend when we get back :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!



AnnaB said...

Looking forward to hearing how your fantastic weekend went!

AnnaB said...


I have been waiting for the ghost stories and fun ;-)

Have a great night!