Wednesday, March 5, 2008

100 things about me...

I've read these on other posts and always thought it was interesting to learn more about my blogging friends. Today fellow blogger Anna posted one about her so I say Why not, I'll try it too. :-)

1. Jesus is my Lord and Savior
2. I am married to the perfect man for me. He's my everything.
3. I adore my three beautiful children with all my heart and soul.
4. I am very close to my 5 siblings. Allison, Ryan, Emily, Sean and Sage.
5. I enjoy my parents, step parents and in-laws.
6. I have been in a on-going bible study with my dear friend Rod Franklin for almost two years.
7. I was raised Catholic and have fond memories of my former faith.
8. My first job was at the local Dairy Queen, I worked there for two summers.
9. I bought my first home at 25 years old.
10. I can be controlling (working on it) :-)
11. I laugh and cry easily
12. I wear little make-up and I love lipstick.
13. I very rarely ever leave the house without my hair and face put together (raised that way)
14. My brothers and sisters label me the "prissy" one and I am. :-)
15. I love it when my husband says "hey baby"
16. I love getting my kids excited for all the holidays. We love Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving...
17. I tend to prefer small circles of friends.
18. I love to travel especially to warm, exotic places with my hubby
19. I've been to China, Mexico, Jamaica, Bahamas, and throughout the US.
20. I'm a history buff.
21. If I'm interested in something, I have to get all the facts.
22. I am NOT a morning person
23. I enjoy my profession (Health care recruiter)
24. I work from home (part-time)
25. I am proud of my husband for starting his own company. He's living the dream!
26. I cannot go to bed if I have dishes in the sink
27. I have RA (Rheumatoid arthritis) but in remission (flared up after the birth of Trev and Rachel)
28. I work-out 3-4 times per week.
29. I don't like to work out, I have to push myself every time!
30. I have a passion for orphans around the world and in the US
31. I was 19 when I had Trevor and 29 when I had Rachel... long time between blessings :)
32. 33 years old when I was blessed with Linzhi
33. My favorite drinks are 1. Water 2. Ice tea 3. Diet Coke w/lime
34. I like to drive and listen to music to unwind.
35. I'm putting in a garden this year for the first time (with the help of the whole family)
36. I drive a '07 Tahoe
37. I can't grow finger nails so I have them done.
36. I took French in high school
37. I met my husband when we were in HS but lost track of each other until 2002.
38. I don't wear a lot of jewelry
39. I love shoes
40. I own too many shoes
41. I love Mexican food (chips and salsa...yum)
42. I like going to Chinatown in Chicago...wonder why?
43. I almost had a panic attack in China (maybe I did, never had one before so I'm not too sure)
44. I love the US
45. I'm a Republican
46. I'm pro-life
47. I like being a brunette
48. I got food poisoning in China
49. I miss my grandparents
50. I'm an over protective parent
51. I cry when I think about Trevor going away to college (he's 15)
52. I am 23 years older than my little sister Sage
53. I love American Idol
54. I watch "little people, big world"
55. I love pretzels
56. I order from Market day
57. I take Melatonin every night to help me sleep
58. I've suffered from insomnia
59. I was a cheerleader
60. I love Chinese food but my Chinese daughter does not!
61. I won't let CJ do my laundry...for many reasons!! :)
62. I went to a Catholic grade school for 8 years
63. I love to shop, especially now that I have two girls that love it too!
64. My favorite color is yellow
65. Most of my house is painted yellow (inside)
66. I love to take naps. (CJ and I take turns over the weekends)
67. I'm independent but I also know when to let it go.
68. I'm a spender, CJ's the saver.
69. I rarely pay full price for anything...I'll wait until it's on sale.
70. I wear contacts
71. I can be a little competitive (especially play bean bag toss in the summer)
72. I love summer and fall
73. I love sitting in a pool chair watching my kids swim in our pool.
74. I wear sunblock on my face all year long and I limit my sun exposure in the summer.
75. I love going to the movies, especially romantic dramas or comedies.
76. I only like to read non-fiction books
77. Adopting was harder than I thought and one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.
78. I love the Chicago Bears!!!
79. I love Disney world
80. We took the kids on a Disney Cruise and had a blast!
81. I hate going to the dentist.
82. I've had hair extensions (yuck)
83. I will never get hair extensions again!
84. My grandfather was a pilot.
85. I love to host holiday parties.
86. I want to visit England
87. My brother Ryan is a musician in Nashville (very talented)
88. I love Nashville!
89. I've always wanted to live in the south, I like the accent.
90. I love weekend getaways with CJ (we leave on Friday for a long weekend in Galena, IL)
91. Always wanted to stay at a B&B (we're trying it out this weekend)
92. I wish I had a bigger kitchen.
93. I love lemon bars.
94. My grandma taught me about Jesus. I miss her!!
95. I feel blessed to have been able to carry and give birth to Trev and Rachel and to have been able to feel the miracle of adoption.
96. I wish I could speak Spanish.
97. I long to be an aunt...hint, hint.
98. I'm always the one to find a hair in my food
99. I love to take evening walks, just when the sun is about to set.
100. I love the smell of lemon Pledge :)

This was a little harder than I thought!



AnnaB said...


YOU did it! When I wrote mine I would get stuck and then suddenly a whole bunch would come spilling out. You did awesome. I love it!! I'm with you on #39 and #40. It's a girl thing I tell Brian. Seems to work ;-) And #41 too! YUMMY! Let's go to lunch someday.

Happy Thursday!

living4him5 said...

Hey Anna! Oh how I wish we lived closer, I know we would be great friends!!! Well, I feel blessed to know you anyway!

Have a great weekend!
Amy :-)

Michelle - Blessed Mother of Two said...

Wow! 100 things! Cute post. Linzhi and Mia are together in not liking Chinese food. Isn't that funny?