Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nemours WREX Robotic Device Helps Children Reach Higher

This is a video of WREX.  Linzhi will be getting her WREX very soon.  If you have a child that could benefit from this miracle, at the end of the video is contact information.  That's all I did to get Linzhi in the study. 

Sweet Pea turns 7 and WREX!

Oh this child has captured my heart!  Linzhi exudes happiness and joy.  She is never ever one to complain and like I have mentioned before, works SO HARD for everything!  Although, her mama and dad and siblings are always there to feed her and assist her...However, Linzhi is growing up and she desires to do things on her own and she usually figures it out and does it her way. :)   Linzhi has had a challenging year in 2011.  Her surgery was brutal but she has come out of it so much stronger and her little arm is finally on the mend.  We have had a recent blessing as Linzhi will be given a new device called WREX.  WREX is basically robotic arms that she will be able to put on when needed for feeding, dressing, combing her hair, etc...  She is joining a study out of AI Dupont Children's Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware.  As I type, they are working on making her a set to fit her measurements, when they are finished, we are headed to Delaware to have a custom back brace made to attach the arms to so she can be mobile with WREX.  To say this is a miracle, a HUGE answered prayer for CJ and I would be an understatement.  This is by the mighty  hand of the Lord and no other!  Since Linzhi is in the study we pay NOTHING for WREX...NOTHING!  And since we are in the middle of our third adoption in the last  four years, you cannot imagine how awesome this is for our family!  I cannot tell you how many nights I have laid in bed talking with the Lord asking Him to reveal to us how to help her when she is older and wants to live independent of her parents...  My thoughts would terrify me as I wondered, who will feed, clothe, prepare her food, brush her hair, help her bathe, use a spoon, drive a car...you name it, I worried about it and I know the Lord heard my pleas and I know He loves her more than I but I still needed to know how Lord?  And to have WREX come along at a time when Linzhi would appreciate it and she is old enough to see the benefits of it...Well...It's just God's perfect timing again!    I am looking forward to posting more about WREX, our trip to Delaware and the opportunities that lie ahead for our Linzhi.  I am still just simply amazed at the works of our Lord! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Little surprises in my inbox

So I sent one final cake and teddy bear to little miss and what a surprise to get these sweet pictures of our girl.  To think the next picture I post of Gracie will be from MY camera!!!  The quality of these are not that good but we'll take 'em.

God bless and please keep our little one in your prayers.  <><

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This child of mine.

I was scrolling through recent pictures and I came across this picture of my Linzhi Rose.  Linzhi is my shadow.  As I do my "stuff" during the day, she is never far from me...We talk and talk and laugh and at times shed tears.  Linzhi is very sensitive, honest, hard working and loves to help.  I always tell her "the Lord blessed you with a servants heart".  I know she will she will do wonderful things in her life.  She LOVES Jesus and praises Him throughout the day.  When I look at her, I see how she is blossoming into a young lady and I often think back to November 19th, 2007 when this little angel baby was placed in my arms.  The room was dark and damp but the minute she entered the room, I forgot where I was.  I still remember the scent of her little black head and how curious she was with CJ and me.  I sometimes wish I could go back for just a minute.  Linzhi Rose has always been the baby for the family which has fit her in so many ways.  She is TEENY TINY for one!!!  I imagine her birth mother to be very petite and beautiful.  Linzhi is stunning!  But you see, my baby girl is going to be a big sister very soon and as happy as I am for Linzhi that she will finally be able to have a little sister, part of me just can't make the transition.  In time....right? :) 

Enjoy these lovely pictures of my baby girl.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


PRAISE JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!
We got our email today...Day 55!
China bound in 8 to 12 weeks!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Oh my heart is just breaking.  I have been following a blog of a sweet family that has lots of little girls from China.  Their little Teresa has a serious heart condition and has taken a turn for the worst.  Reading her mama's words today on her post broke my heart open and rattled me to my bones.  Her wishes and hopes for her baby's heart are so familiar to me. 

PLEASE PRAY on bended knees for little Teresa and her family as they are faced with so many uncertainties.

To God be the GLORY!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Arthrogryposis is very unique as it effects each person with the condition differently.  As many know, I have two daughters with AMC so this condition touches my heart in so many ways.

Madelyn went to see Dr.Sullivan at the University of Chicago.  He is amazing and we are just so happy to have him look after our girl.  Madelyn did not want to see a doctor for the longest time but as she is now more active, she is experiencing more pain in her lower extremities.  She walks with a noticeable limb and when she runs, her little leg swings out and thumps to the ground (ouch).  When she is tired, she falls...Hard. I am very grateful my daughter can walk and run as I know many people with AMC cannot. So when Madelyn came to us and asked to go to the doctor, I was thrilled!  We decided not to push her into getting evaluated, we really wanted her to feel safe and bonded with us first and now that she's comfortable enough in her new home life...off we went this past Friday to see Dr. S.  It's nice to go to a place where doctors and nurses know you and show a sincere interested in your children.  We visited with his nurse and then met with the resident for awhile, then Dr. S. came in and he could not tell me enough how "impressed" he is with her abilities.  I gave all the praises to Madelyn's foster mama and baba because they WORKED on miss Mady from age 2 until we came 7 years later.  She was massaged, stretched and had acupuncture and the hard work paid off!  NO SURGERY!  Dr. S. wants her to get into some special leg braces which will help her walk, run, ride her bike without as much fatigue.  When Madelyn and I prayed in the car before going in, we asked for a blessing and GOD knocked it out of the park!!! 

Linzhi Rose- my sweet angel that works SO HARD everyday to get her muscle stronger and stronger.  Linzhi will get there, I know it!  She has a wonderful caretaker in Dr. Mass.  He is so interested in her.  The last time we were there, he brought a resident in to show Linzhi off.  He told the resident, "This little girl is going to do big things".  I get tears in my eyes thinking about that moment.  I was reminder by Dr. Mass that Linzhi's road is long but we will get there and I believe it.  We are always brainstorming new ways to get dressed, eat, etc...just normal things that people without AMC or other conditions that limit mobility don't have to think about.   I love her strength, I love her will and I love how the Lord made our girls (and Trev, Rachel and Gracie) so perfectly!!!

Rachel- having two sisters with physical disabilities can mean mama may need some extra help when were on outings together without dad or Trevor.  Rachel is an expert in AMC.  She knows what the girls need sometimes before THEY do.  Most of the time, she is loving and caring but there are moments when she's not interested and that's ok too (this is very rare). However, Madelyn and Linzhi help Rachel is areas that she struggles in as well.  Rachel is terribly afraid of the dark and relies on her sisters to help her with this issue almost daily. When Rachel needs help in Math and I'm working with Linzhi, Madelyn steps in or when Rachel has a neck ache, Linzhi Rose is quick to give her a rub "Linzhi style"

All of my children have special needs, some we can see and some we cannot but they're there.  I'm full of special needs!!!!  See, we all need each other to get through this life.  AMC is such a blessing to this family.  We have met some really awesome people through this journey and I would not change a thing!  I'm sure we'll be blessed with Gracie's CHD as well...I can't wait to find out!

Oh,  by the way, it's day 52 waiting for LOA...It's coming...I can feel it!!!  :):)

Psalm 139:14

"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful,  I know that full well.