Thursday, April 3, 2008

Poor Rachel...

That's what Linzhi LuLu says about her big sissy Rachel. Poor Rachel is very sick with a double ear infection that has hit her hard! I don't think I've ever seen her this ill or in this much pain. It's so heartbreaking to see my happy go lucky kid turn to a screaming, miserable little patient. I hope this is all making sense, I've had about 4 hours sleep in two days!!! CJ was out of town on business when this all hit, he came home last night and we tried to take shifts but honestly it's hard to rest when your baby is screaming from pain. CJ took Rachel to see the doctor while I stayed home with Linz and immediately he said she had a bad infection. In all of my 15 years of mothering not one of my kids has ever had an ear infection so I was very alarmed tonight when her ear started to bleed!! I immediately called my mom (she's a nurse) and paged the doctor, got reassurance from both that is can happen so not to worry...YEAH RIGHT! Me not worry about one of my kids...Just doesn't happen! This evening she is finally resting on the couch next to me as I type. CJ and I are going to wake her up shortly to give her another dose of the antibiotic and some Motrin so maybe we can ALL get some sleep! I even kept Linzhi Lu up long enough that by the Grace of God, she may sleep in past 6:45 AM. We shall see!
Update on Trevor. I am so proud of my kid!!! He has really decided to tighten things up in his life and this is all coming from his will (and not mine... ha ha). Anyway, he has started to work out 5 days per week, quit drinking soda, eating slower ( we both are trying this new method and it's working, we're both eating 1/4 to 1/2 less) AND he is doing extra credit at school. WAY TO GO TREVOR... WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU! He is a Godly young man and I see how he's working hard to live a healthy life for the Lord. Praise God!
Update on Linzhi. I love this baby girl of mine. She is blossoming everyday! She actually loves to watch me cook and seems to want to learn about it all. I am not a great cook but I do let her help me since she seems so interested... Do we have a Rachael Ray on our hands??? We shall see... Linzhi is also showing more and more attachment to us, she is starting to be over dramatic when she gets a bump or takes a spill. We love to love her up and we're so happy she comes to us for comfort. I can't believe we've had her for almost 5 months. I am so looking forward to summer with her. I want to see her enjoy the beautiful outdoors and all the fun she will have in the pool with sissy.

Have a wonderful weekend!
ps... Hannah Moore is doing good, she had a high fever after surgery so she was not yet released from the hospital. Susan is so exhausted, she just got back from China (on business) so I'm sure we'll speak more soon. Thank you for all the prayers!


Jess said...

I hope your little Rachel is feeling better soon. I know ear infections are no fun :( Hopefully the medications will provide her (and you) some relief soon.


GrandmaSharon said...

Good morning....
We just love reading your "almost" daily updates on the family that we love so much.
Sorry that we were out of town during Rachel's trying times -- but we're back and ready to help....She sounded so pitiful on the phone and I wanted to give her a BIG hug to make it better.
Hey Trev.... good for you. As you can see from your Mom's note -- you're pretty special in her eyes (and in our eyes also)
We can also see how Linzhi is loving her family more and more each day.
Grandma Sharon & Grandpa Willie :)