Monday, April 14, 2008


Praise God! Linzhi is finally able to sleep in a bed, all through the night! It's been 5 long months of us tucking our little angel in to her bed on the floor. I know this is common for orphans and we were reassured she would work it out on her own but it was still hard to do, she looked so little on that big floor. Rachel would many times fall asleep next to her but would move to her own bed through the night so this sparked an idea for me...Since Rachel has a full sized bed what if they slept together in Rachel's big bed? It worked like a charm! I will try to snap a picture of how I find them, usually falling asleep holding hands or face to face like they fell asleep talking about Polly Pockets, Barbies or Max and Ruby...Ya know...Sister stuff =)
I absolutely love to watch this precious baby transform from a child that acted as though she had to earn her keep by being as compliant as possible, to a child that is feeling secure enough to be herself, knowing she has a family that loves her and she belongs here with us. I see it in her eyes that she feels she belongs to us and no matter what she does good or not so good, we are never going to stop loving her, we are her family and she is ours. I know we have more to work through because Linzhi still carries a burden in her heart, especially in the morning. There are times I see she's missing someone or something and it takes her awhile to come back to where she is. I believe in my heart, Linzhi is a deep feeler, she senses and picks up on things my other two kids don't. CJ and I talk about it many times, we see the difference between the three of them. Trevor and Rachel had mom and dad's comfort from day one. Linzhi didn't and it's obvious at times. She slightly panics when daddy goes to work and will ask me over and over again "where's daddy" and " he come home" I gently reassure her, daddy's coming home. But at times, it takes until he walks through that door for her to relax. She'll get there, I know it. So today, we rejoice in the blessing that was bestowed on Linzhi and the blessing we get when we go up and check on our girls to see them all snugly and cozy in bed, together! God has blessed us with this child but God really blessed Rachel and Linzhi with a very special bond that will last all their lives, it's beautiful to watch. =)

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AnnaB said...

What an amazing blessing!! I love how you write of your kids...your love is so apparent. What lucky children they are (and yes, you are lucky too to have such beautiful and bright blessings in your home).