Monday, April 7, 2008

"Locked up"

Well, Rachel is doing much better with antibiotics and she was back to her sneaky little self today and decided to lock her sister up...That's right, , she locked her little sister in the bathroom! I was making dinner when I hear this faint little "mommy"..."help"... It was Miss Linzhi requesting help from mommy! I started to look for her and I asked Rachel if she knew where she was at??? Rachel looked straight in my eyes and said "I locked her in the bathroom for a time out" There's no way I could get angry with her because she was so honest about what she did. Made mommy proud BUT we still had to rescue Linzhi. Since Rachel locked the door from the inside and shut it, Linzhi couldn't get her hand up to unlock it so I had to figure out a way to get the door open. Thank God for acrylic nails!!! Insert like a key and turn.... Bingo, open!! Linzhi was free!! Now, I did sit Rachel down and told her not to ever do that again. She had to apologize and hug her sister and say a prayer to Jesus for forgiveness. We've been doing this with both of the girls lately and it seems to help them both realize it's not right to hurt another person and it's important to ask for forgiveness from the person that was hurt by their actions and to ask Jesus to help them next time they get mad at each other. Now, they are 4 and 3 so as long as this is a consistent practice as they age hopefully they will think before they become cross with someone. Here are some pictures of the event...enjoy!

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