Monday, April 21, 2008

Max and Ruby!!!

Happy Monday! Today my sweet Rachel received a blessing that I know she won't forget for a long time. Her FAVORITE TV show is Max and Ruby on Nick jr. Rachel really believes Ruby and Louise (Ruby's best friend on the show) are her friends. Many times she will say "Mom, do you know what Ruby did today..." I just love her imagination and her true love for these sweet little bunny characters.
My sister's partner Karen is in the entertainment industry and is involved in many children's television programs and commercials (I hope I got that right, Karen??) Anyway, she has been involved in production of Max and Ruby and knows the gal who plays the voice of Ruby. Karen arranged for "Ruby" to call Rachel TONIGHT ON THE PHONE!!! We knew she was going to call but didn't know a date or time so unfortunately we weren't prepared with the video camera but I was able to take a couple of pictures. Rachel was too precious and held the conversation for at least 5-7 minutes. She asked questions about Max (he was taking a nap), she asked about Louise, asked if Ruby rides the bus...etc... it was just too cute to watch Rachel's eyes become big and her face a little flushed. So Rachel ended the conversation by thanking her for the call and asking her to call back "next time". Ruby said she would call back and hopefully if she does, I will have the video camera ready. Mommy has to admit, I was a little star stuck too...I love Max and Ruby!!

THANK YOU KAREN AND RUBY for making a little girl's dream come true!



momma york said...

That is so cool! I can just see her chattering away with Ruby! That is precious!

AnnaB said...

How sweet and totally fun! What a great memory for little Rachel!!!

BTW, I truly loved reading the update on MAW. What a great story about the "farm time". And yeah, quarter horses ARE scary when you're right next to them ;-)

Barbie said...

How sweet was that! How fun for Rachel!!

Stefanie said...

We LOVE Max and Ruby around here... even Jude ;) And WOW, a phone call from Ruby? How awesome is that!?!
LOVED Linzhi's update! What a beauty she is, inside and out :) The story about the visit to the farm one year later is SO beautiful and such a testament to waiting on God's perfect timing!

Ronda said...

Loved the update on My Adotpion Website and then I click over her and read the post-how fun for Linzhi. I loved following your journey in China...we were there shortly before you.

Denise said...

So cute...we are big Max and Ruby fans here too~