Sunday, September 28, 2008

Costume shopping and Trevor

We love Halloween around here, not the gory scary stuff but the kid friendly, pumpkin patch, trick or treat kind. Trevor and his friends get into it still, they all volunteer at local community events. CJ and I took the girls to the Di$ney store at a mall up north today so they could pick out their costumes. This will be Linzhi's first Halloween! She is so excited and just loves her pink pumpkin bucket. After we left the mall, CJ called his mom to let her know we were in the area, we stopped so the girls could show them their costumes. Normally, we don't see this Grandpa and Grandma on Halloween so it was fun for the girls to get dressed up for them. Trevor had plans with friends to go to the movies so we had to make it a quick visit but I got some cute pictures.

This weekend has been very nice and quiet. CJ replaced the console on my treadmill so I'm back in business. CJ and I have been walking 3-4 nights a week since June which I absolutely LOVE because we get uninterrupted time to just talk. Some nights I could tell the last thing CJ wanted to do was go for a 2 mile walk with me but he never turned me down. =) Now with my treadmill up and running again, he told me he would watch TV with me in our room as I worked out...LOL... That's my man!! =)

Trevor has been working been doing telephone sales calls for my uncle since May. Unfortunately, his company outsourced to a marketing firm so there's no work for Trevor. This is the first time in 3.5 years that Trevor has not had a job. He had a paper route that he happily gave up for this job with my uncle. He'll be 16 in January so he has to wait until then before he can apply at Barnes and Nobles (he's wanted to work there since he was little. He's a book worm). He told me he was worried about buying Christmas presents for his siblings (he has 4 total). This kid is so generous with gift giving that I had to tell him this year will be slim. I could help him out but he would have to earn some of the money by doing chores again. I wish I could have snapped a picture of his face...LOL... Trevor had chores until he got his paper route, With the amount of homework along with the route, we cut his chores other than taking the garbage out and keeping his room tidy....Now it's going to change. Should be interesting! =) I love his generous heart, he truly loves to see the joy on the kids faces when they open their gifts. I told him they would love him no matter what and to not worry about gifts so much. He's so afraid of letting them down, he takes pride in being the big brother. Bless his heart!

Anyway, it's terribly late (I'm a night owl), I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Isn't he adorable! (got him again)!

Mom and Dad with the "Princesses"

Grandpa and Grandma with the girls.


Changing in G&G's bathroom, getting ready to surprise them with their costumes!

CJ patiently waiting for his girls...

Mama with her girls at the Disney store...


Jess said...

We're going to have a princess here as well...fortunately we had one from the D on Ice show we went to in the winter :) We'll also have a pirate and a knight which we pulled together from last halloween and dress up clothes :)

Oh...I need to get on the treadmill. Jared and I keep talking about it but no follow through...ugh. Maybe I'll start tomorrow!


Katy said...

How fun! I am so glad their grandparents got to see them all dressed up! So cute! :) I love the girls' costumes. Madelyn has worn both of those on previous halloweens!! :)

Jess said...

Hey Amy...

Just wanted to let you know I just walked/jogged on the treadmill...yeah! Let my weight loss begin :)


Anna 'B'anana said...

That Trevor is a handsome fella for sure! So awesome and neat that he is thinking of his siblings. And so rare. What a gem that young man is.

Your girls look adorable. Each time we are at the mall (which thankfully is not all that often) Mandi is just dying to go in to the Disney store! I may just have to take her now!

Have a great week.
Big hug,

Jenna York said...

I was going to ask you if that was Trevor I saw walking with some friends the other day. I now know the answer is yes. It must have been the same day you took this picture (the green shirt gives it away!). They look so cute!!! I just bought Lydia a Sharpay outfit (gold lamay pants with red top and gold headband). Avery wants to be Sharpay too! We saw the blue dress and it had a wig with it. I keep telling her she is going to be Dorothy this year. She says she hates Dorothy! Oh well! Hey, did you give that back??? I don't remember and I haven't seen it here! LOL

The Ferrill's said...

Amy, what a precious post of your princesses! What fun! And your Trevor is the sweetest...what a big heart! Sounds like lots of happy times in your home...what a blessing!
I'm going to catch up on some posts of yours I missed!

Denise said...

The girls look so cute! Maggie went for the Fairy Ladybug costume at Target...I can't wait to see her in it. I have a feeling that she will be a little afraid of all things scary come Halloween, even though like you, we do things the fun, not so scary way~

Lori Lee said...

You're such a great mommy!! How exciting for Linzhi-what a blessing you all are for eachother!

Ronda said...

Oh-I love the Disney store-your girls look lovey as princess. Ella can't wait for Halloween, although, I am not sure she grasps the idea yet.

So sorry about the job...I would work at Barnes and Noble too-I would probaly be fired within a week because I would be reading all the books =).

Chelley said...

What very sweet princess you have there!!!!