Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Privacy...What privacy?

Random pictures, text at the bottom of the post.
I love this pic of Trevor, He really does not like me to snap his image for this might be a duplicate from another post.
Sweet, happy, precious Linzhi!
Beautiful Rachel with her baby!

Beautiful Chinese girls at Harvest days!

Football? No, it's time to play daddy!!! GO BEARS!

Rachel and my little sister Sage at Harvest days!

Trickster #1

Trickster #2 (I curled her hair, it's too cute)

Ok, I have to get this down in black and white. Since I've become a mother almost 16 years ago, I have NO privacy. I know this is the case with every parent, I'm no exception. Today, my girls have been very clingy which is just fine with me. Towards late morning, we had to get moving in order to get to school on time, etc... So I got the girls situated upstairs with some bubbles so they would be occupied while I jumped in the shower. I left the door open like always but I tell them if they need me to knock on the door so I don't get startled. No sooner did I get in the shower I heard them at the door. I asked Rachel what she needed and she replied "Just checking on you Mama". I told her I was fine and that I would be done in 2 minutes. When I opened my eyes from rinsing my hair, I see bubbles all over coming in from both ends of the shower. Yes, my little pumpkins were playing a trick on mommy. I wish I had my camera to record how cute their laughing was. They really felt victory over getting mommy with a prank. I may not have privacy for years but I gotta tell you, I wouldn't trade my company for anything in the world. =)


Ronda said...

Privacy-a thing of the past if you are a parent.
I have to admit, I busted out laughing with those sneaky little girls-gotta love your kid's sense of humor =).

AnnaB said...

What is privacy anyway? Most of the time I love the interruptions. A friend of mine called it a "splendid inconvenience". Isn't that great?

Have a fantastic Thursday!

The Ferrill's said...

Too too precious!
Love what annab said...splendid inconvenience...yes!

Katy said...

Your kiddos are so sweet! :) I love all the pics! :)

I get up between 5 and 6 am so I can shower alone. LOL. Sometimes the kids still get up and come in to the bathroom...but I try so hard! LOL

I love the comment from annab....a "splendid inconvenience" true! We will miss these days when they are all grown up!