Friday, September 19, 2008

My four blessings...

My first blessing, my Trevor.

My boyfriend! Picture taken by Miss Rachel.

You wouldn't know it from this picture but both girls had temps of 102, we were on our way to see the doctor.

I love my big girl!

Goodness, I love this kid!


This is a post dedicated to my little Miss Linz, sweet baby Rachel and my big guy Trev. I love them dearly and thank God everyday for blessing me with opportunity to be their forever mama... I find humor in my kids everyday and some days if I don't laugh I could literally end up crying myself into the funny farm... Can I get an Amen from the parents out there! I also dedicate this to my sweet hubby CJ.

Today like everyday, I was pressed for time. I picked the girls up from school @ 11AM, ran home popped the new Barbie movie in which I knew would keep Rachel's attention, Linzhi's not so much and told both girls that mommy was going to jump in the shower so they had to stay put. As soon as I got in the shower I could see a little girl with black hair standing on a step stool in order to reach the candy dish I brought in the bathroom with me so someones little fingers couldn't get into it before lunch...hmmm, who could it be? As I asked her what she was doing, I get the famous reply..."nothing". I continued with "LuLu Belle, get out of the candy corn, now"! She replied. "Fine" and off she went. Once I got out of the shower, I called to Rachel..."still watching the movie" and got my "yes, mommy". Linzhi lu, where are you??? I hear a faint "nothing" Hmm, what is she up to? I grab my camera in my bedroom walk into my office and find my China baby with the candy dish and a mouth full of candy corn! I'm sorry, I broke my rule and started laughing right along with her. She is addicted to Fruit snacks and candy corn!! Bless her heart, she's too darn cute!

I have been getting very sentimental over Rachel lately. Next fall, she will start kindergarten at a private Christian school which has full day classes. UGH! I am not ready for this at all. I know I have a year before she goes but I am already getting teary eyed when I think about her being gone all day. I wish I had the heart to home school but I just do not. I've actually prayed about it and God has clearly revealed his answer. I do feel however, down the road after the basics are learned (reading, writing, etc) if one of the girls asked to be home schooled, I think I could do it. I know in my heart my gifts are not in teaching a curriculum at this age but again, maybe down the road when they're a little older...???

Trevor had some friends over this evening (8 total), they all watched a movie and walked to Starbucks for a coffee (how cute). Anyway, after everyone left, Trevor walked Miss Vickie home(she lives down the street). I thought it was very gentlemanly of him and I could tell on his face as I said good bye...HE LIKES THIS GIRL! Oh boy, here we go! LOL...

I also want to give a shout out to my hubby. Our weekend away was cut short which was a bummer but no way were we going to be away from our sick baby girls. I had a wonderful day and a half being your girlfriend again... =)


Jess said...

Very Sweet Amy...

Makes me think I should really laugh with my kids more...and have a date with my hubby.



Lori Lee said...

So sweet...I'm dreading the day my older kids start to "like" those of the opposite sex-are you ever magically ready for that? Yikes!

AnnaB said...

Amy, you have such a sweet and blessed family. What a wonderful thing to do to write all your feelings down. Your love for each of your four blessings just SHINES!!