Thursday, September 18, 2008

Update on my dad

First of all, I am humbled by all the comments and prayers. Thank you, I love you all!!!

My dad went to see a endocrinologist and is scheduled to get the biopsy within the next couple of days. I got my wires crossed and thought he was getting it done on Monday. The good news is the doctor is very confident that if it they are cancerous it will be easy to treat with just one dose of radiation. So we still wait...I should know more next week. UGH!

I have been up to my elbows in Kleenex, Tylenol, Motrin and antibiotics....My baby girls are both sick with ear infections! CJ and I left on Friday for our annual trip to Galena and had to cut it short because Rachel spiked of fever of 103.7 and Linzhi was close to 103. That was enough for us so we checked out of the B&B and drove home to our babies. Linzhi bounced back rather quickly, Rachel is still not 100%, she has the ear infection plus a sinus infection so she's been having sleepless nights from congestion. The girls were not moving too far from the couch so I was able to get a pot of homemade chicken soup made, catch the laundry up and cuddle my baby girls who seemed to need it more than normal (which was heaven).

Anyway, I hope everyone has had a nice week so far and again, I can't thank you enough for all yours thoughts and prayers. I'll post an update as soon as I hear the results of the biopsy.

God bless,

PS... Trevor never got the bug the girls had and was a little bummed (I think) that we were coming home early. See, my mom would spend the nights at our house with him and during the day he had the place to himself. I totally trust Trevor but I'm not going to be the type of parent that lets him have free rein so I parent locked the computer so he had limited use of it and called my neighbor to let her know he would be alone during the day...Just in case ;-) He was fine with it but felt I needed to trust him, I told him I do but I don't trust Satan and I think he can lurk in computers when it comes to teenagers (and adults). I may be paranoid but I don't care! LOL.


AnnaB said...

Your poor babies! Sometimes I appreciate a good nasty cold for my kids once in a while...not for them...but for me. Kind of forces me to slow down, cuddle a little more, love a little more. And I don't think you are being paranoid AT ALL about the computer. Even the best of kids (and adults) can find themselves in dangerous territory pretty darn fast!!!

Anxious to hear an update on your dad........have a terrific Thursday!


Jess said...

Hey Amy!

Sorry to hear the girls have been feeling icky and glad they are getting better.

Can't be to safe with the computer. I am the same way with don't feel like your alone in the paranoia :)

Keep us updated on your dad...

Have a good weekend my friend!


The Ferrill's said...

Oh Amy I will continue to pray for your sweet daddy...
and your girls! Bless their hearts!
Amy you know my husband is the Barney Fife of internet security, he does it for a living! He would say..."YOU CAN NEVER BE TOO CAREFUL!" You are right on in monitoring the internet. We have so much security software on our computers I had to beg him to let me get on you tube to watch my friends' adoption videos! ;) And still, we have things pop up, even with the software. Bottom line, you gotta monitor it. You're right!
Blessings to you!

Ronda said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that your dad receives good news.
Sorry about your little ones-something is in the air-Ella is finally over her pnemonia.