Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First day of school!

Today was the first day of school for the girls. They will go three afternoons per week. I think that's plenty for now. Next year Rachel will start Kindergarten so this was a bittersweet beginning for us today. I know she will miss her teachers so much, especially Ms. Robin (below) and Ms. Michelle (not pictured). Our girls are genuinely loved by them and it shows by the way my girls show affection to them. We feel this school has blessed in so many ways. Now, I posted a picture of Trevor from his first day of school but I couldn't figure out how to get the pictures off my new camera. I wish I had more pictures of Trevor to share but he HATES when I come at him with the camera. I always tell him, these will be memories you'll be happy to have one day... mother guilt...LOL.. Anyway, Trevor is getting the hang of a new school year and the girls are at school as I type this so I'm sure they'll have many stories for us when we pick them up at 3 o'clock. We had a wonderful summer but now I'm ready to get back in a routine and prepare for all the fun FALL activities that are coming our way...

Hope everyone is having a great day!!

Rachel and her best buddy, Ms. Robin. Together again! =)
Sweet Linzhi Rose.

Sweet Rachel Catherine.

Getting ready to leave for school.

My babies...

The girls with their daddy. He was able to meet us at school. =)

Trevor after his first day of school... Gesh, I love this big guy!


Melinda said...

So sweet! I love first day of school pictures. I guess I can take some of them pretending to leave for school in the morning. :)

The Ferrill's said...

What sweet school pics! And Trevor is such a handsome young man. Linzhi looks so sweet with her backpack!
Just catching up and saw the post below....thank the Lord she is in remission!

Christine said...

Sweet photos. Your family is just lovely! I was 19 when I had my first son too!

Jess said...

Hi Amy!

I'll have four in school this year...I can't believe it. Ian, Nadia and Gabe started this week and Jude will start on Monday. It will be unusually quiet around here...for a few hours a day anyway. The girls look so happy, and Trevor too. Ian is the same way about getting his picture taken...boys :)

Hope you are well!


Katy said...

They all look so adorable...even your "big guy!" hehe! That is so wonderful that the girls love school and look forward to it!!!