Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Travel dates!

I've been so bad about updating my blog.  I have a long post that I composed but I'm not too happy with the ending and I'm having a little writers block so, I've been praying for words...

Anyway, I do know our travel dates!!!

April 6th- Good Friday, we will be leaving on a jet plane!
April 7th-Arrive in Taiyuan, China!
April 8th-Easter Sunday...  Rest from travels & last minute shopping for Gracie Faith!
April 9th- Forever family day!!!
April 10th-Adoption day!
April 11th-Leave for Guangzhou
April 12-15th- Medical, shopping, sight seeing
April 16th- CA- Consulate appointment
April 17th- Pack & rest for the long travel home
April 18th- Leave China and travel back in time 13 hours to arrive home on the 18th too!

We'll be gone 12 days much less than previous trips.  We were in China 16 days for Linzhi and 15 for Madelyn.  I am just thrilled to shave off 3 additional days!

We are also using "My adoption website" to host our travel journal.  Here's the link if you would like to "travel" with us to China again (Madelyn and Linzhi's sites are attached as well). 


I'm hoping to get some new pics of Gracie.  I couldn't help myself, I sent her a bouquet of flowers, a fruit basket and a heart felt letter from her soon- to- be forever mama. 


Lynda said...

It's getting close!! How exciting. Wishing you all the best for good travels and a smooth introduction for your precious new family member.

TanyaLea said...

I can't believe you are on the final count-down before you board that plane. I have been thinking of you and want you to know you will remain close in our thoughts and prayers during this time. What an exciting journey the Lord has led you on... it's very clear this adoption is LACED with his hand-prints all over it! I just got done reading through your adoption website and reminded of all the wonderful things He has already done on this journey... I have ZERO doubt that He has laid the path before you and that He will be with you every single step of this trip. Sending love and hugs your way as you do that final packing for another life-changing adventure!

Blessings & Hugs,
~ Tanya