Monday, March 19, 2012

Taking her big step into a life long journey with Jesus.

To say CJ and I are so happy and proud of our little one would be an understatement. Madelyn was baptized on Sunday and it was an emotional moment for her parents, pastor, family and our dear friend Rod Franklin who Madelyn shared her testimony with. As we were watching our baby drip with water as she was being baptized, I could see in her beautiful chocolate chip eyes little droplets of tears. I asked her later how she felt being baptized and she stated "very emotionally" ...Oh my heart. We thank Jesus everyday for the blessing of Madelyn Grace.

a little candid shot with the girls..Madelyn was about to blink, I think?

Pastor Bob, Madelyn and Daddy...I'm behind Pastor Bob.

Talking a bit about our girl.

Look at her face, so sweet.

Chinese exchange students that live with our friends.  The girl in the black sweatshirt, just came to Christ!!

The girls with our dear friend Rod.

With Pastor Bob.

Dad, Cathy, Allison and Sage

CJ, Grandma Sharon, Uncle Sean, Terry and Trevor.

Linzhi, Michael, Rachel, Grandma Vanessa, Jon, Madelyn and Chris.

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