Friday, March 9, 2012

Gracie's room.

Ok, these are not in correct the before pics are at the bottom. 
I had all kinds of plans for Gracie's room, my ideas for my youngest...the color, the bedding, all the little extra details mama's do for their babies that are coming home...
However, I live with three daughters and they had their own ideas for their baby sister. And I have to say, I LOVE their way so much more! 

I chose the bedding and the pink cross on the wall and that's it.  EVERYTHING else has been donated from my daughters. Rachel generously donated a bookcase, the stackable bins, lots of toys and the pink curtains, ballet shoes for next fall and her old (to her) Care Bears.  Madelyn donated lots of little trinkets for her book case,  Belle doll,Mulan Barbie doll and a Chinese Children's bible.  Linzhi Rose donated all kinds of hair bows, headbands, books, princess shoes, sunglasses, necklaces and a Christmas snow globe. 

Oh and the bunk bed...Well that was a sweet blessing from our dear friends and we are SO grateful!!! 

Watching them give away their treasures so freely and with much JOY has put a lump in my throat many times over the last few weeks.  Everyday, I see new things stuck in her bins and it just melts our hearts.  They are so proud of that room and CJ and I are so proud of them! 

Each child has a cross above their light switch, hand picked by mama and hung by dad.

The door leads to a large toy closet that is "neutral" territory for all the girls. Gracie is just lucky to have it in her room. :)

Hand painted Chinese parasols.  I bought these in China with Madelyn.  I forgot to add that these were given to Gracie from Madelyn and Rachel. 

Miss Gracie's bed and her backpack that will be heading to China very soon!

Little treasures from her sisters.

This backpack was Rachel's.  I am so glad I hang on to certain things, like bags.

Top bunk with friends.

The bins...something new enters everyday!

This Minnie welcomed Madelyn 1 1/2 years ago!

I love the color of the wall.  CJ picked this shade for little miss.

The Gracie doll.  She will be traveling to China too.  Mama or Rachel will be delivering it to Gracie on Forever family day.

Linzhi's little snow globe.  Melts my heart.

I just noticed this snow globe from Madelyn.  So sweet!

The purple Care Bear went to China with us for Linzhi Rose.  Rachel sent it with me for her baby sister. 


Madelyn and Rachel helping daddy paint. 

Linzhi too!!

Love this guy.

They worked very hard.

I think Linzhi just posed for pictures... :):)


TanyaLea said...

Ohhhh, what FUN!! Now all it needs is your precious Gracie, and you're set!

It is a very special room, indeed... especially with all that sister-love that went into it ~ I KNOW that blessed your mama heart, cuz it sure blessed mine!

It won't be long now... SO happy for you, my friend! Thanks for sharing this very special room with all of us!

Blessings & Hugs,
~ Tanya

Dawn said...

How beautiful... the room and your daughters hearts for their sister....
Cant wait to see her in her room! Travel blessings...