Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Rock. My gift.

At times, CJ and I are on different planets. :) Honestly, he is my best friend and I would be lost without him. He truly is my gift from God. This week has been emotionally draining for me. CJ has been rock solid about Gracie which gives me so much encouragement. I (we) can do all things through Christ who strengthens us and with the help of the people HE places in our lives.

So grateful to my hubs. Love ya's!


Sophie said...

Oh Amy
Your previous post brought me to tears. I prayed for Gracie even before I read that post and I will continue to pray for her and for wisdom for you.

We're in the same state and I had emailed you about the girls dance studio a while back, maybe we can get together sometime.

Hugs and prayers are sent your way

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
I haven't checked your blog in a couple of weeks and boy was I surprised! You've been busy! Gracie is absolutely adorable. I am crying happy tears that she will know the love of a me, that is her only special need!

Love Them Like Jesus,