Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's day!

HAPPY Mother's DAY to all my friends out in bloggy world!!!!

I will be having an extra special mother's day this year because... WE ARE EXPECTING another little girl blessing from CHINA!!!!!!

Lisa Kelly (Sweet heart) from Lifeline emailed me that we were able to lock a file on Little miss. Now we are preparing all the paperwork to send to China in order to get a Pre- approval. Once that comes in (Lord willing) we will then be able to post a picture of our Mia Faith. But if you can't wait, check out the waiting child list at Lifeline and scroll down to "Gracie" ...That's our baby girl!

Once we get our PA, I will post more on how the Lord moved quickly on getting our hearts ready. GOD IS SO AMAZING!!!!

More to come....


Chelley said...

yeah LOVE how you just SLIP that in there!!!


Janet and Kevin said...

SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are awaiting our LOA for our little Sophia Yilin!

SO HAPPY FOR YOU, again!! :)

Janet and gang

Laine said...

Yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! So excited!

Inga said...

I am a silent lurker who has followed both your journeys, can't remember if I ever commented and after explaining myself, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

God Bless you.