Thursday, May 26, 2011

My head is spinning...

My dear friend Jill from Florida is an angel sent from God, no doubt. Her sweet Jack has CHD and doing great! I went to Jill immediately after we found Gracie had a serious heart problem. Jill went above and beyond for us by calling Nurse Deb at her son's cardiologist office. Not only did the Dr. agree to take a look at her file but come to find out she's Chinese! So I sent the translated and the Chinese report for her to review AND they were able to view her videos!

The diagnosis based on her report from 1.5 years ago is that she has progressive congenital heart disease. The nurse called our Gracie a "walking miracle" and that "something is keeping her heart going" Well, as believers we know, heart and soul who is holding her heart in HIS hands. Nurse Deb went on to say, she will need lots of work done on that precious heart. They were shocked to see her walking, walking up stairs, talking, laughing, etc... She shows NO struggle or labor when breathing or walking. A total MIRACLE.

I may be OVERLY optimistic here but something is NOT adding up with CJ and me. I hold so much doubt that her medical report is not 100% accurate. With that said, I do believe she has a heart issue that will require major repair but I feel in my heart, the Lord has other plans in mind for her. He is the designer of her heart and He is the ultimate doctor, mountain moving, miracle making Abba Father to us all. It's a blessing to witness other people calling her a "walking miracle" too!

I'm going to be real honest here. I had her funeral planned in my head. Terrible, right? I mean, the reports have been so grim and this mama has had her moments of complete.stiffiling.fear! CJ has remained steadfast and solid. He won't let his mind "go there". I, on the other hand think of all the "what if's". And the enemy has been working double, I mean triple time on me as he always does when one less orphan in the world is going to be released from the chains of living the life of the least of these. I mean anytime there is great "Godly" events happening, not only in adoption but anything ordained by the Lord, the pest goes into overtime, right? THANK YOU LORD for scriptures, prayer warriors, our encourager's, the body of Christ...Pulling us closer and closer to Him. I finally feel some freedom from fear. THANK YOU JESUS. I am no longer fearing her death or illness, I am looking at it through new eyes. We need to prepare her to meet Jesus just like we are doing for our other Children. Pouring Jesus into her thirsty soul is our job, healing her heart here on earth or in heaven is His job. I need to get out of His seat.

I called Amy @ Lifeline to let her know what the doctor said and she assured me, she is going to do EVERYTHING on her side to expedite this adoption so we can get her home as soon as possible. We're praying to shave time off of waiting for certain steps that can take a bit of time and we're going to make our trip in China as quick as we can. I hope she's home for Christmas...Hopeful thinking!

We are going to be rolling out a fundraiser raffle in the next couple of weeks. We will be raffling off an ipad2 and maybe a few other things. Please pray for financial provision. I know the Lord will provide, no doubt!!! Any fundraising suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!

God bless!


CK said...

Oh Amy!
I tried to leave you a comment a few posts ago but Blogger was on the blitz and it never showed up--I wanted to encourage you, your story of the decision process for Gracie reminds me so much of my struggle in committing to Samuel. I didn't struggle with saying yes to him but did struggle with if God was saying "Go Now". I so remember the peace in the end after many scriptures, much prayer, and several confirmations. I am so glad you are no longer planning a funeral!! And I have to agree I would have never guessed from her video that she has a serious heart condition. Excited for you and Gracie!

Andrea said...

Love Love Love!!!! God is Good!
he has BIG plans for this little chick, no doubt!
Can't wait to mee her!

Anonymous said...

Dear Cousins,
The publish comment thingy won't let me comment on a google acct, so I am anonymous.
Email me so I can get your new #. Would love to talk to you
Love ya,