Friday, July 2, 2010

Here we go...

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I was so shocked to get the email today!!!! Looks like our Consulate appointment will be on the 26th or 28th of July which means...We're leaving 2 weeks from today!!!!! Our Forever Family day is July 19th!!!!! I will have more concrete dates on Tuesday!

Is this really happening??????


*I will post more on Linzhi's doctor's appointment once we have more information. We're waiting for scheduling to call us, the doctor ordered an MRI on her brain and spine. He believes Linzhi does not have Arthrogryposis, he feels she may have a spinal injury due to a possible traumatic birth. We will know more once the MRI results are reviewed. This changes everything! Please keep our Linzhi in your prayers. We praying to get the MRI done before we leave for China. I will keep you all posted.


Sandy said...

God is Wonderful...Will be praying for all of you and for Linzhi's appt.
Love ya cuz,

vicki said...

so excited to watch you go and see your family united forever!!!
will be praying about the MRI as well.
let's touch base SOON!
everyone here is completely overwhelmed! ;)

CK said...

Amy! Amy! Amy!
So excited for you and your travel dates!
Prayers for Linzhi too.

Julie said...

yay! praying for you all as you travel and praying for Linzhi.

Chelley said...

YAy yay!!!

oh this is it Amy go get your baby

living4him5 said...

Thank you everyone!!! All your prayers will be coveted!!

Love to all!


Sophie said...

So happy for you God is good!!
Praying for Linzhi's doctor appt.

The Ferrill's said...

HERE WE GO!!!!!!! I'll be with you all the way (via internet anyway!) Praying praying praying...the time has COME Amy! Can you believe it???????

Nicole said...

YEAH!!! So happy to hear this! You all are so close to finishing this super long journey! And then the next journey begins!!!