Monday, June 28, 2010

Thank you all for the comments and private emails about my last post. We have confirmation from our agency that there are NO exceptions... However, when we are in Wuhan, we both agree we're going to ask again and if it's God's will then things will happen, we're going to continue to pray for a miracle!!!

Any day now we should get our TA, I can't wait to FINALLY get on that plane! I am still praying for July travel so we'll see what His plan is very soon. I can tell Rachel is getting a little anxious because she remembers our first trip and how long we were gone. This time around, she has her sister and her daddy will be coming home much sooner than mama. We are also blessed to have our girls looked after by grandma Sharon and Grandpa Willie, they keep them busy and they get plenty of love.
I have to admit, I'm getting a bit anxious myself. This journey has been very long. I'm not complaining but it's been a ride!!! =) I would do it all over again if asked and I pray this isn't our last adoption journey. I'm excited to go back to China especially with Trevor. I'm excited to see how he will be changed by our trip, I don't think you're ever the same after experiencing what lies ahead. I'm also getting weepy when I think about leaving my little girls and I'm really try to suck it up because I was SO very homesick the first time around and I think it made me miss out on some things so I am praying for my heart to settle and trust that HE will take care of my babies (his babies) while we're gone. Ok, I think I'm rambling and way to emotional right now...LOL... Changing the subject...

This Wednesday night, we're hosting a party for my cousins that are in town from St.Louis. My sweet cousin Lindsay is still in a fight with cancer but she's doing good!! And Jenny, her sister that relocated with her family to help care for Lindsay and her family will be here too. I am so excited!!

Then on Friday, Linzhi, Rachel and I are going to drive a little bit up north to see a new doctor and get a second opinion for Linzhi. We are thrilled to be able to see this doctor. We love Shriners but we want a second opinion before her surgery to see if there's another approach we can take.

CJ is going to be gone a few nights this week due to work so I'm glad I have lots to do to keep me busy. I don't like when he's gone but we are so grateful his business is doing well despite the economy.

Well, I'm off to the grocery store. Have a blessed day!

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The Ferrill's said...

Hey Amy! I know what you mean about being homesick. I missed my kiddos BIG hurts when your heart is in two places! But you are right....Our Father in Heaven will take such good care of your girls; they ARE His, after all! I will pray for peace for your momma heart!
TA any day? How exciting!!!!!!! And Trevor is going? WONDERFUL!
Oh I'm so excited to follow your journey!