Wednesday, July 7, 2010


WOW, what a week already!! We have our confirmed Consulate appointment July 28th!!
We will depart Chicago on July 16th and return on the 31st. It's a bit longer than I thought but I am so grateful Madelyn will be in our arms finally!!! I'm waiting to get our official itinerary from Karla at Lifeline which I will post so you all can see and I will post the link to our travel site again if you would like to follow us along to China! All your prayers mean so very much to our entire family.

There is so much going through my mind. All the what if's...Like is she going to kick and scream because she does not want to be with us (possibly) or is she going to run into our arms and let us hug and kiss her (um...maybe a slight chance) or is she going to be shy, reserved and scared? Who knows? We are again like all adoptive families going into the unknown. However, I will not forget how the Lord completely delivered this child from the life of an orphan. I know I will cling to that as we begin this new journey with Madelyn. She may not want us at first but we certainly want her and that will never change. All the prayers this child is getting from people all over the place will surely help in the transition from orphan to daughter. I covet them all and get so weepy when I think of all the folks that have our backs in prayer. There is so much power to prayer!

I do have another prayer request for our Rachel. She is having a tough time with us leaving, every morning she says "well mama, 9 more days..." it totally breaks my heart into a million pieces. Oh my heart. This journey is so bitter sweet because I am (like so many mama's) not complete unless all my ducks are with me... I guess you can say, we're a little weepy around here but still praising the Lord for all the good He has done!!


Sophie said...

So happy for you that you'll have your sweet daughter in your arms soon. Praying that she transitions into her new life easily and that Rachel has an easy time with you being away.

Janet and Kevin said...


I completely know how you can be so excited and joyful over receiving your newest child but be so weepy over the other details. Our adoption journeys are all so bitterswseet, aren't they?

Sooo excited for you though that you will soon have your newest daughter in your arms! Yippee Jesus - as Linny would say!

Will be praying for you and eagerly following your journey. Kevin and I have felt strongly led recently to begin the process again - this time for an older girl!

God never lets us sit around getting comfortable - does He??

Janet and gang

Maggie S said...

Hey, Amy, I hopped over from Patty's blog this a.m.(from MAAWC) I will be following your journey, as well. And will be specifically praying for Rachel as I have one who is struggling, as well.

Football & Fried Rice said...

myaOh, Amy...

It's so bittersweet, isn't it - to have to leave some of your ducks in order to gather the rest?

Of course, if it were "easy" - then we wouldn't need God to stretch us and mold us & *we* wouldn't need to trust him & have faith that He will work all things out for the good of those who love Him ((us!!))

He already knows the end of the story and He's asking you to have faith adn HANG ON - it's going to be AMAZING!!


living4him5 said...

Thank you all my sweet bloggy mama's out there. I need your encouragement and prayers. Love to all!!!


CK said...

I am so excited for you! Can't wait to see pictures of Madelyn in her mama's arms.
I am sure you have already thought of "specials" for dear Rachel-I left a small gift(dollar store etc) for our girls including a hug and kiss (chocolate) for them to receive each day we were gone. They still talk about it! I also addressed some $1 cards and had a neighbor mail them at various times throughout the time we were away. They still think I mailed them from China :).
We also made a countdown calendar for when we would return and they faithfully crossed off the days.
Hugs and prayers-
P.S. saw your comment on Patty's blog-she is a dear friend of mine-we live in the same city and attend the same church-I am so glad you will be traveling together!

TanyaLea said...

Oh Amy! I've been thinking of you and so happy to see this exciting news on your blog! I have so little time these days to read, so I've finally found a quiet moment (at 1:09am) to catch up on some blogs... I've missed you to pieces!

Know that we will certainly be joining with the others in covering you in prayer. You are SO right...there is NO greater gift! We felt every single prayer that was going up for us and have NO DOUBT that is the biggest reason our transition went so well. Khloe is THRIVING at home and doing great! We feel so blessed. Can't WAIT to follow along on your journey and see that precious Madelyn in your arms...she already has such a great testimony and you KNOW God will be right there by your side!

Keeping Rachel in our prayers, too... that's tough for both her an her mama, I know! But the reunion will be SWEET!!

Sending BIG Hugs and lots of love your way!!


Laine said...

AMY! I am praying! With tears, because I SO know how you feel! Being on the other side now, I can honestly say that it is ALL GOOD! The separation from other kiddos is hard for sure, but it's so temporary and soon you will all be under the same roof again and that will be a day of rejoicing! Cheri had some GREAT ideas to make the time go by smoothly. We did a calendar each time we've left our kiddos and it helped so much. Especially our little ones.
God's peace will wash over've got a LOT of prayers for that! And Madelyn is being prepared by the One who formed her heart!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

I hadn't had an opportunity to check your blog in a a very pleasant surprise!! Wow!!! July 16th is right around the corner....happy day!! Will be praying for you all and checking your travel blog daily. Safe travels bloggy friend!