Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our game plan!

Full of butterflies!! Crying at everything!! We're ready!!July 16th – Leave Chicago for Wuhan

July 17th –Arrive in Wuhan, get checked into the hotel (and sleep!)

July 18th –Shop for any necessary items.

July 19th- “FOREVER FAMILY DAY” We will be meeting our daughter at 9am! (8pm-Sunday CST) Afternoon, we will go shopping for our Miss Madelyn!

July 20th- Adoption day! Free in the afternoon.

July 21st- Sightseeing in the AM, PM free time.

July 22nd-CJ flies home. Trevor, Madelyn and I will visit the orphanage in the AM. Complete paperwork in the afternoon.

July 23rd- Get Madelyn’s passport and then fly to Guangzhou in the early evening.

July 24th- Guangzhou! Medical exam, Visa photo and Shopping! Late afternoon more paperwork for me. =)

July 25th- Group picture and then headed to the Jade and Pearl market for more shopping.

July 26th- TB test for Madelyn, possibly more shopping.

July 27th-Guangzhou zoo

July 28th- Consulate appt. (CA)

July 29th- Swearing in at the American Consulate.

July 30th- Pick up Madelyn’s Visa.

July 31st- FLY HOME SWEET HOME!!!!


Football & Fried Rice said...

holy smokes!! time is flying! *I* have butterflies FOR you ;) God is so faithful & good - I can't wait to see you meet your little girl for the first time. MUST book your MAW NOW!!!!!!!


Sophie said...

Gosh, I'd sure love to come to the airport and meet you since we haven't had the opportunity, I think the drive from our areas is a couple of hours. Maybe when you come back we can find a halfway point.
So excited to follow you on your journey, praying for you guys!!

Julia said...

WOW - YOU CAN JUST RUN IN AND OUT.... you will have her home and assimilated into your culture before we even get Aaron out of the institute!!! That is a bit funny if you think about it..

Laine said...

Oh Amy! Happy Day!
We've got your back!

Stefanie said...

WOWIE!!! I am SO excited for you guys!!
You've waited SO long for this... you've endured SO much... can not WAIT to see her in your arms!!!

CK said...

So excited for you and Patty-Go get those beautiful, chosen, princess girls!

Dawn said...

Congrats!!! Can not wait to see pictures of your girl with you! Will be praying...