Monday, August 4, 2008

Apple Picking Time and Trevor's home!

Enjoying the beautiful weather...

Rachel setting the table for Trevor's welcome home pizza dinner.

Exhausted but HOME!

Up from her nap and ready to play!

The fruits of our labor... Aren't they gorgeous!

PLEASE DON"T FALL!! I do not like heights and he was too high for me!

Climbing up the ladder and giving mom a smile. I love this kid!

Daddy and Rachel picking apples. I love this picture of Rachel!

Rachel up on the ladder getting ready to pick her favorite apples...

This weekend was just perfect! We couldn't ask for better weather. Our little family was reunited with our Trevor as he returned safe and sound from a wonderful trip to the East Coast. He came home exhausted, needing a shower and a bag full of dirty clothes and HUNGRY!...LOL... So this mama's heart is complete with all her kiddies back in the nest. As we waited for Trevor to come home we took advantage of our pool and just had a bit of a leisurely weekend. CJ moved some rock to finish off the entry way to the pool, the girls and I started to go through some old toys to donate or throw away and of course, I had to make my way to the grocery store. Shopping for groceries is becoming a little depressing (teasing) but it is hard to see my grocery bill rising every week and I haven't changed a thing on my list. I pray things get better. The Lord has blessed us but I remember being a single mother and watching every single penny. I can't imagine what it's like now. I always pray for single parents, I have a soft spot in my heart for them.
OK, so Sunday afternoon when we were finished swimming and miss Linzhi was down for nap that she requested (it's true)! I was looking at the apple trees and I noticed how big they are this summer. I told Rachel it was APPLE PICKING TIME! She has been waiting and waiting for this. She LOVES the tart apples and started eating them way too early... Anyway, CJ got the big ladder and away we went. Now, CJ went too far for my comfort level as I'm afraid of heights but boy, did he get some big apples! Rachel and I took a bowl next door to our lovely neighbors Doc and Linda and had a nice visit with them. By this time, Linzhi was awake and CJ walked her over to visit too! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I can't believe how fast summer is going...


Katy said...

So glad you had a nice weekend! Those are all such great pics!!! :) Glad your son got home, safe and sound! :) Apple picking is great!!!!

Oh my goodness...I am not good with heights either! It freaks me out when people are high up too!!! LOL

Thanks for your sweet comment amy! :) It's so wonderful getting to know you! :)

Jenna York said...

Glad Trev arrived back to the "nest" safely. Those girls are so adorable!!
So, the green pond has turned back to Cinderella? Glad for that news!
I'm like Rachel, I like the tart ones too! I love the picture of Rachel on the ladder behind the leaves. She's so cute!

The Ferrill's said...

What fun to pick apples and share them with neighbors!
Glad Trevor had a safe trip!
I will pray for Lindsay...I am sorry she has to go through chemo and you are right...the Lord has His purposes and He is sovereign. He has her best interest at heart, rest assured. I will pray for a complete recovery, peace, and smooth adjustment to new circumstances now as she faces this road. I can hear your broken heart and I pray peace for you and Lindsay's family as well!