Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My interview with the Daily Journal

My sweet baby with her sweet baby!

Isn't she beautiful!

Ok, I got Linzhi to smile but she's still looking the other way and Rachel is frozen in her smile...LOL

I think this one is cute...so typical when I'm trying to take a picture...Linzhi usually looking the oher way!

This is one of the pictures I sent to the Journal.

Well, yesterday Ms. Michelle from the girls pre-school called to tell me the local paper asked her for the name of a family that would be available to interview for an upcoming article on choosing private pre-school over public school and how we manage the cost with the economy being tight. I was thrilled that she chose us because I just love her and the school so it was my time to really brag on them. The reporter called me right away. We spoke for roughly 15 minutes and then he said he may call back to meet at the school to take a picture of the girls. I offered to send him a picture via email and he said "sure". So Rachel, Linzhi and I took a few "going to school" pics on the front porch with their book bags...it was too funny...Linzhi thought she was really going to school with her t-shirt and diaper on! When the article comes out I'll figure out how to post the link.

Have a great day!


Jenna York said...

This is so COOOOL! Guess who suggested this article to the Journal?????? They asked us to share our story, but considering our particular situation we didn't think it was the best idea! I am so glad it is you!! They actually wanted us to do it from private to homeschooling.
I can't wait to see it! J

Katy said...

how fun!!! :)
I love the pics!! Your Rachel reminds me of my daughter, Madelyn! LOL toooo sweet! :) The whole frozen smile...LOL..that is just like Madelyn!!! LOL And linzhi is just as sweet as can be! :)

The Ferrill's said...

How exciting! Kimmie and Linzhi are the same about looking at (or NOT) the camera! What cute girls you have!

Ronda said...

so cute and so grown up. Hope school is a blast this year for all your kids.