Monday, August 25, 2008

This and that and an update on my cousin Lindsay

Well, there will not be pictures with this post because my old camera is just not cutting the mustard any more so my sweet hubby went out and bought me a cute blue Cannon. As I type, it's charging so I will post some pics from my new camera tomorrow.

Anyway, we had a very busy weekend! Grandma Sharon had a birthday on Saturday, I helped her hubby plan a surprise party. It was a great time and She was really surprised! I thought for sure she knew something was up but I guess I was wrong.

My mom, grandma Vanessa had her birthday on Sunday. My sister Allison, CJ, myself and our gang took my mom and her husband John out for a Mexican dinner, we had a great time talking, laughing and eating. My girls and Trevor love their grandma's so much and so do we!

One more week until preschool and dance class starts for both girls. We found a sweet Christian dance studio at the mall. They dance to Christian pop music, show tunes and classical tunes so I am so pleased with finding this place. I looked around and really didn't like what I saw as far as how these little girls were dressed so provocatively. We decided if there wasn't a place that was suitable for our girls, dance class wasn't going to be an option and that would have broken Rachel's heart. I prayed for some time about it and just happened to run into the place when I was shopping at the mall! i heard of the place but I didn't know it was a Christian studio! I will definitely post pictures from their first class next week. Dance starts Monday and Pre-school starts on Wednesday so it's going to be a big week for my baby girls.

My cousin Lindsay starts chemo on Thursday. I believe it will be over the next six months. She did get some encouraging news. She is not stage 3 but stage 2!!! This increases her survival rate to 80-90%. Praise God!! Please pray for her, she is very anxious, scared, etc... I can't imagine what she's going through.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


The Ferrill's said...

OH I will be praying for Lindsay and I'm so glad she got some good news...
I am glad you found a Christian dance studio! Our girls have been taking dance for years from my best friend and it does make such a difference when you know they're costumes and music will be modest and glorifying to God!
Can't wait to see pics!

Jenna York said...

I liked Dance in the Light. I love the owners. They are so sweet. Their whole family is so nice. I hope your girls have Miss Leah for a teacher. She is a doll. She is so patient with the children. Nothing they do shakes her. Preschoolers are so very unpredicatable in these types of activities (it's adorable). Maybe Avery and I could come and watch practice with you one day. Let me know what time you take them. I can't wait to see how you new camera works out. Does it have sound? You can post movies if you do! I am thrilled to hear about your cousin. I go and read her journal once a week. I keep her in my thoughts and prayers. Love Ya!!

Barbie said...

Wow, what huge news for Lindsay! God has heard many prayers for her and he is sure answering. I will pray that her treatments go well. My friend had her fourth chemo treatment yesterday. She has been able to continue exercising. What a blessing!

Can't wait to see some pics with your new camera.