Monday, July 21, 2008

My baby's first car!!

OK, I must BREATHE.... Actually, we have until January before Trevor is officially behind the wheel without an adult but this mama bear is already praying for her little cub. I am so excited for him because I see the joy in his face not only for the car but that he's also growing up and able to be a little more independent. I find myself getting ready to open a new box of parenting "fears", all I can do is pray for my son. I know his heavenly father will be with him as he pulls out of the drive for the first time. So if the Lord is with Trevor, who will be scrapping me off the drive as I watch him drive away??? LOL... =)

Now, we were not planning on getting a car this soon but God had another plan. He blessed us with a well maintained car at a low price. It all worked out perfect. As I type this, he's out driving with CJ. They're driving over to all of his friends houses...Oh, how I remember those days... =)

Mom and Trevor getting ready to leave Aunt Onnie's house (my sister Allison)
Trevor and his Aunt Onnie... they have a special and unique bond.

First time Trevor laid eyes on his car. =)

First time sitting in his new car!

Asking mom to stop taking pictures....NO WAY JOSE!


momma york said...

I feel for you! I am not looking forward to the day my kids drive. But, no matter what, they are in God's hands and we have to trust him in that area like we do every other area of our lives. I can't believe he's old enough to drive. Where does the time go! I love reading your blog, by the way!

Ronda said...

Thanks so much for the invite...I read back about Linzhi's md appt-so glad things are good for her. I will have to tell you that one of the single hardest things for me was getting into the passenger side of our car when my daughter got her permit. I was FREAKED out that she was growing up so fast and I could not stop it. Good Luck with the driving lessons.

Jess said...

I know the same feelings. We have a year and half left before Ian is behind the wheel....seems just around the corner really!

Tell Trevor congrats on his new car!


Katy said...

oh my scary..and exciting!!! LOL My oldest is 7..and when I think about how these past 7 years have flown by...I realize she will be driving in NO time! ACK!!! I pray he is careful and safe every time he gets in his vehicle!!! :)