Friday, February 22, 2008

Ruby's beauty shop day!

Today was an exciting day for the Corzine girls. In our house we LOVE "Max and Ruby" it's a cute little show on Nick jr. Rachel has always loved the daily adventures of Max and Ruby and now Linzhi adores them, mommy too! Anyway, there is an episode where Ruby and her best friend Louise play beauty shop and the girls pretend to have one too. So Mommy called Bethany and made an appointment for the girls to have their hair done. It was too precious! Rachel got a trim and curl and Linzhi got a cute angled bob so as it grows it will have more of a shape. Her little hair cut was growing out and I started having flash backs of CJ's former mullet days...time for a cut and quick!

Grandma V went with us so we hand an extra pair of hands so mommy could get some cute pictures and video. When they were finished the looks on their faces were priceless, I could tell they really felt like princesses, which they are :)

After the beauty shop we went to Cracker Barrel with Grandma, had a nice lunch then walked around and looked at all the beautiful Easter decorations...I sure could have burned a whole in my pocket but I found some great clearance bargains and got the girls some cute Hello Kitty tops and skirts and paid around $4 per piece. Now that's my style...cute girly stuff at a cheap price and no one will know the difference! LOL

Tonight we had game night at our house, it was a blast! Trevor invited about 6 friends over for games and pizza and we had my mom and her husband John, Uncle Sean and Terry with their two boys and Aunt Julie and Jim. We played Mad Gab...Guys against was a hoot!

This weekend will be fun as well, my dad, Cathy and Sage are coming over for dinner on Saturday and on Sunday, Pastor Bob is starting a new series partially based off of the current movie "The Bucket list" so I'm sure there will be a great message, I love that movie!

Have a wonderful WARM (wishful thinking) weekend!



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