Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My precious Linzhi

Today was a precious day with Linzhi. Many of you know about her disability and how hard it is for her to do the things she wants to do with her little hands. She is however doing do much better but there are still many things this baby can't do...yet! Anyway, Rachel was at school and Linzhi was in my office working with me this morning when she came up to me for another bit of banana and before walked away, she said "La lu" (love you), then she said "Ni hag" and I said "oh, Ni Hao to you too" (Ni hao, means hello in Chinese). She looked at me and said "NO mommy" and then she started to cry, I picked her up and saw she was smiling so I gave her a kiss and whispered how much I wanted to know what she was saying to me...she smiled (not knowing what I was saying) but then she started to climb up until she was standing on my lap she then (with her good arm) picked up her left arm and put it on my shoulder, then she flung her other arm on my other shoulder and gave me a " Ni hag", she hugged me! The first time ever! She worked hard to do this and she looked so proud of herself, as she should! So now she's been giving "Ni hags" to daddy, beber (Trev) and Rachel. I tell you the truth, this child is going to conquer the world! She does not give up, ever! She wanted to give her mama a hug so desperately and was hurt when I didn't know what she was telling me but she NEVER gave up, she never does! If she wants to color, she'll figure out a way to do it and she does it! I watch her patiently work that crayon into her stiff, bent fingers until it's secure enough for her to color a few marks on the page. I love her endurance and strength, I love the way she is opening up and allowing us to see who she was meant to be, I love the way she starts dancing with her sister when some groovy music comes on TV, she so carefree and loving life. I am so grateful God called us to bring her home and I'm so happy we listened! I love my Linzhi and today Linzhi told me she loves me too!

Love and hugs,



Young Creations said...

I am so proud of Linzhi too. My little god son had a stroke when he was born. His left hand and arm are paralyzied(along with many other disabilities) But you know what, that "helper hand" of his is coming along. Both Linzhi and Brooks will conquer the world. I will pray and watch them each step of the way.

Barbie said...

I just found your blog through AnnaB's blog. We are neighbors and great friends. I am also a MAW family, twice.

This is one of the sweetest posts I have ever seen! What a precious little girl you have.

Jessica said...

Hi! I saw your blog on MAW. We arrived home from China with our son Jude in Novemeber. I really enjoyed this post about your daughter. I can relate and feel that way about our little Jude so often. It is amazing to see all these precious children grow...truely God's plan at work :)


AnnaB said...

This is such a tender post. You have all travelled such a journey together. What sweet rewards along the way!!!

Denise said...

I followed you on your journey to Linzhi on my adoption website and just saw that you have started a blog. Welcome to blog is so much fun...and a bit addicting...LOL!
We are going to China to get our daughter at the end of March and hope you will follow along on our journey. We have a blog and also have an adoption website with Jen and Joe (Journey to Maggie Mae).

Your daughter is beautiful~

Michelle - Blessed Mother of Two said...

Oh, what a beautiful post. I bet your heart was just bursting when she gave you this special hug. Praise God for bringing these amazing children into our lives!