Monday, August 29, 2011

A notice

Today in the mail we got a notice from immigration that they have received our application, cashed our check and that our appointment for fingerprints will be coming soon.  Many of you know when we adopted Madelyn this is when all kinds of "issues" started to take place.  If you would like to read what happened, please go to the archives under "documenting our miracle" to get caught up.

I feel very calm this time.  I know it is not up to any country, government office, USC!$ officer or the enemy to decide whether or not we are blessed to call Gracie Faith our daughter.  It is up to our Heavenly Father and IF it's His will, we will get our approval from immigration, DTC, LID, LOA and TA (all those lovely steps before we can travel).  What I learned through our spiritual growth during Madelyn's adoption is that NOTHING stops God from His plan and that we must be patient and wait upon Him for time and direction, not just through adoption but LIFE.  For me, this proves to be difficult as I look at my daughters face everyday and want her home, like yesterday!!!  :)

My heart jumped today when I saw that envelope in the mailbox... I felt some fear (a bit), excitement (lots), butterflies (a million)...Because as of today, we are one step, one more day checked off and one less hour away from having her placed in my arms.  <><


lizzielou said...

This post was so encouraging for me to read today Amy! God has been showing me the exact same thing, that He is in control and it is such a peaceful feeling to relinquish it to Him!

Sending you love!

Amanda said...

Yahoo!! One big step my friend. His hands are all over this. So excited!!!

TanyaLea said...

YIPPEEEE!!! Congratulations Amy and family! I remember 'this step' with your last adoption very well. I remember LOTS and LOTS of prayers going up on your behalf, and I also remember ANSWERS to those prayers, in His timing! God is faithful and He will always see us through when we set our affections on Him!

One more step down and pressing forward. Thank you Jesus!!!

Congrats and God bless! <><

Janet and Kevin said...

As one mama to another who has waited with butterflies for that next step, I am rejoicing with you for this next step forward toward your daughter! Yippee Jesus!!

janet and gang

Anonymous said...