Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First day of school!

Another wonderful year of homeschool started yesterday.  I am just so thankful for the opportunity I get to be with my children.  I am going to be real honest here...It requires much Grace from the Lord above as this mama tends to need it in the patience department at times.  Still, I would not trade it for the world!  Madelyn blew me away yesterday with her reading skills, what a difference one year makes!!  August 2010 proved to be a challenge as I had to bring google translate everywhere just so my peanut could get some idea what we were doing and let me tell you she has worked very hard to learn English.  I love Language arts but there are SO many contradictions and for Madelyn to learn all that she has in a mere 12 months...Well, let me say CJ and I are very impressed with our eldest daughter. 

Trevor left for his first day of Jr. college, thanking God he's under my roof for one more year!  Next year...well, I can't say much about that yet as my heart won't allow.

My free spirit child Rachel Catherine likes the idea of school but sitting at her desk and doing it can be a bit of a challenge for my on the go girl. Rachel is such a big helper to me and her sisters, she just doesn't think school should be more than 30 minutes...LOL... :)

Oh my Linzhi Rose, she is a wiz in math and phonics and loves bible but Linzhi feels school should be "just crafts".  I laugh because I can see how different they all are and I know their strengths and where they struggle and it melts my heart to know I am the one learning about my children everyday in our little school room on the west side of our cozy home.

God bless!

First day of class with her baby "Jasmine"

My free spirit girly that came to school with hair unkept and her Jamacian baby.

Linzhi Rose trying not to laugh while I take her picture with her baby "Ice Cream"

First born on his way out the door to KCC

working hard in spelling/vocab

working just as hard in spelling/vocab

Linzhi Rose LOVES bible class

A note from daddy!


Lori said...

I think school should be mostly crafts too! I'm so happy you get to stay home with the baby girls. Enjoy. Call me for craft time!

Jean said...

Oh Amy- I just love your little school!

Homeschooling is so wonderful! We are starting back on the 6th and I can hardly wait!

Have a blessed school year!!