Saturday, June 11, 2011

update and pictures

***Janet from "Four fingerprints of God", I am having issues leaving comments on your blog, I believe this is a Google issue as there are many people having the same dilema. Just want you to know, I'm praying for you all and I love the new pics of Sophia!!!

Linzhi is doing much better! Thank you Jesus!!! We are coming out of the heaviness of chasing her pain, we are now at the point of staying on top of it with Valium and Tylenol 3. Her last dose of morphine was given at 10:30pm last evening and we are now at 5pm the next day so I think we're finished with morphine!!!! It's a great drug to manage pain but we're so happy, she's past that point. We live an hour from the hospital, CJ and I have been here since surgery on Wednesday but now that we're staying a few days longer than we anticipated we have to be a little more creative in childcare for Madelyn and Rachel so tonight I will be heading home and CJ will stay and then Sunday night I will stay and Linzhi and I will come home together on Monday (Lord willing). I thought I would have the energy to post more frequently but that has not been the case at all! I looked in the mirror and had to double take! LOL.... This morning, I drove home to pick up my girls at home. Linzi was missing them so much and I certainly was too! I got fresh clothes, started some laundry, took the girls for a quick bit and then we were headed back up to Chicago. We are now awaiting a pizza from Giordano's and then the girls and I will head home to return tomorrow. Please forgive me is this post makes no sense...enjoy the pics!

Getting Linzhi up in her wheelchair for the second time...Still looking a little beat.

Getting ready to head to the Child Life center. Each kiddie got a barbie doll. :)

A close up of our beauties.

Coming back to the room from Child Life, Linzhi was pooped out.

Sleeping after her outing.

This picture is from Thursday when Miss Amanda and Miss Lia came for a nice long visit. Such a blessing to have wonderful friends! Miss Lia will be having surgery a week from Monday so Linzhi and I will be heading up to repay the visit. (they even see the same Drs.)

Enjoying a BIG sucker from Lia. :)

Miss Lia! A blessing from China.

Tuckered out after a long visit.

First time up in a chair. Look at the agony in her face. Broke my heart. This is the day my mama bear claws came out with the gal from PT. I get it, I know what they need to do for her but that day was NOT a good day for my girl. Mama trumped PT.


Inga said...

saying prayers for your little one.

Chelley said...

you guys have not been far from my thoughts hope that things start that slow climb back up hill to were there is no pain at alll

Jenna York said...

It's nice to her smiling in the pics. Glad to hear the pain is getting controlled. Love the big cheek from the sucker!! She's so cute! We are still praying for you all. Hope you and CJ are getting your rest in too! Ooooo, yeah! Mama claws are necessary sometimes in the hospital. No one knows your child better than you. Of course you know she has to do the therapy, but you also know your child's limits and when something is too much.

Laine said...

Way to go mama! You know your girl!

Praying for continued healing for Linzhi...and that the pain will continue to lessen each day!

HUGS TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Janet and Kevin said...

Hope things continue to get better for your sweet daughter. What precious pictures and ones that tug at your heart as well.

I am having difficulty posting on some of my other bloggy friends's sites, too. It keeps kicking me back to anonymous instead of my account. Wonder what is up! Thanks for the message. We can hardly wait to go meet her.

Hugs from Indiana,
janet and gang