Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Home sweet home!

We got home yesterday afternoon after an eventful day....again.... They had to sedate Linzhi to take her tubes out, surgical taping and casting. The night before both IVs went bad and so they had to stick her again. The screams that came out of my poor child, I never want to hear again. God was so very good because the sedation fog didn't ware off until we were home for several hours. CJ had to work, the girls were with grandma and grandpa so it was Linzhi and I for the hour long ride home. I was so nervous she would wake to pain as they did not give her the pain meds before sedation. So again, we were blessed with a quiet ride home with my baby girl resting peacefully.

I plan on uploading more photos but CJ and I are walking zombies! It feels like we just came home with a newborn. She is not sleeping through the night and her muscle is still having spasms which cause her sharp pain. Bless her heart, little by little she's coming around. She was so very sad tonight as she woke up from her afternoon nap to find her sisters and daddy had left for VBS. I know they felt bad leaving but we knew it was too soon for her to be out especially if she had a spasm. Tomorrow our goal is to get her bathed, bandages off (per Dr) brush out her LONG hair that has been up in a bun for 7 days and possibly dressed, Linzhi may be heading to VBS with her personal nurse...mama. CJ is working security and the girls are in their activities so Linzhi and I will visit some of the craft tables and get a snack.

I just want to thank you all for praying. Many times CJ and I were so discouraged by the pain she was in and the helplessness that we were faced with. We could feel all the prayers as she would settle down into a peaceful sleep. He is so good to us!!! Much love to all. <><


Sophie said...

So happy to hear you're home, praying for a quick recovery.

Football and Fried Rice said...

Lifting up your sweet girl!!

Jenna York said...

Glad you are home and that your trip was safe and smooth. I thought of you all day about that as I remember coming home from the same hospital after having had Spencer. We will be sure to continue to pray for Linzhi's healing process and your ability to get good rest when you do get it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Linzhi,
You look sooooo good in the picture with your sucker...Jesus is healing you and you are such a precious girl.
Love you,
Cousin Sandy