Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gracie & Linzhi

Well, I just mailed off a big packet of paperwork to Amy @ Lifeline. aahhhh.....one step closer. This time around, I am very calm. YES, Calm!! Why?...only by the Grace of God. One thing I am praying for is an update with pictures. I am dying to see what my baby is up to in China....

Linzhi is doing better, she is still recovering and there is still some pain involved here and there. She a large sore under her arm pit. It's stitching but her cast was rubbing it which has caused Linzhi pain. We are now treating the wound and tucking cotton bandages in between her arm and cast. Praying her sore heals!!!

This afternoon, Linzhi and I are headed up to the Univ of Chicago but this time, we're going to visit Miss Lia, her best friend from China. Lia had surgery yesterday and she is now recovering as well. Praise God for the treatment our kids are able to receive here in the US. God is good!

Have a wonderful day!


Jenna York said...

So thrilled to hear all of the good! Can't wait to hear more about Gracie! Glad Linzhi is doing better. Been worried about her. :) Miss you my friend. Let me know when things are good for a short visit.

Football and Fried Rice said...

Yay for getting those papers sent off! And so glad that Miss Linzhi is feeling better!! And REALLY thankful for the calm and peace that God has given you! I feel it too!! Maybe we are maturing :-)

TanyaLea said...

So glad to see this update on both little Gracie and Miss Linzhi. Keeping you close in thoughts and prayers. And as soon as I figure out how to get my blogger to work again, I will post about your fundraiser. In the meantime, I will do a shout-out on FB sometime this weekend! Wishing you all the best as you raise the provisions to bring your precious girlie home! She is such a cute little peanut!!