Thursday, September 16, 2010

One day at a time...

Actually my new motto is...One minute at a hour at a time... That's how we get through some of our days. It is not terrible at all...It truly is wonderful and I am so very thankful for all my children, my husband, my home, my life. But when you have a child that will be 9 years in 9 days and you've only been apart of her life for almost 2 months life is going to be interesting for awhile. Yesterday was great! Madelyn and Linzhi started dance and Rachel started acrobats (all at the same time at the same studio but in different rooms). CJ and I would go back and forth to watch our girls and WOW they were loving it. Linzhi Rose made sure to tell the dance instructor all about Madelyn, it was precious however when it was shoe change time we had to tell Linzhi to pay attention...I don't think she understood... =) Not only did they have dance in the evening, they also had gymnastics during the day along with school so their day was full so there wasn't much bickering which triggers the melt downs. Today, well let's just say it was better than Tuesday, Madelyn only had one which I'm praising God for. My friends, it so so hard to watch and wait it out but it is so wonderful to know that each time it happens we are getting one step closer to healing and that's why I tell myself one minute at a time, one hour at a time because it happens in a minute and it takes about an hour for her to come out of her fog which always ends in lots of hugging and tears but we're getting there. Thank you for prayers...We can feel them. God is with us no doubt.

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