Thursday, August 5, 2010


Praising the Lord, we are home!!! Finally my sweet girls are together and beginning their journey as sisters. I just sent our final post into my adoption website, if you would like to read it, please click this link. (just sent it, might take a bit before it's up)

As soon as I get out of this fog of jet lag, I plan to update my blog on a more regular basis. I think today will be the day I can stay awake past 6 pm!!

Madelyn is doing fantastic! She has been the same happy go lucky little girl since she was placed in our arms on the 19th of July. ONLY by PRAYER, ONLY BY GOD!!!

Love to all!!!!


Julie said...

yay! Praise God! I'm so happy to hear that you are all home safe and that Madelyn is doing well.

Lori Lee said...

It's SO amazing seeing here THERE, in your home, with your other children. What a amazing miracle. I have loved reading your story since the beginning, what an amazing and miraculous processes to watch it all unfold from the very beginning. Seeing her in your home with a huge smile on her face brings tears. Our God is amazing!

Football and Fried Rice said...

welcome home! God is so faithful to us. Can't wait to hear even more from you when your jet lag is gone ;)

Teresa =) said...

Welcome back home! I followed our journey with excitement and have been praying all would go well with adjustments at home.

Carson and I will be excitedly checking on your blog...he's amazed to see adorable little girls with the same "different arms" that he has!

Hugs from Ohio!

Teresa =)

Sophie said...

Welcome home and congratulations on your newest arival.

Rejoicing in the Lord with you!!

Mandi said...

Oh, Amy, I am so glad you made it home safely. I have so enjoyed following your journey to Madelyn (even through all the bumps). She is absolutely beautiful and I am looking forward to seeing her with her new sisters.


The Ferrill's said...

CHILLS! She is with her sisters! It is so awesome to see them together! Praise God!
I read your MAW site and loved to read that everything is going so smoothly! (well, except jet lag of course--but that is temporary!) I bet you just have to look twice and pinch yourself saying "Is she REALLY here?" That's what I'm doing!
From a picture on a computer half a world away, to daughter and sister living here. ONLY GOD!
Can't wait to hear about your school room! I want to see pics! :)

Janet and Kevin said...

Welcome home. So glad your family is all together now. We really enjoyed your journey.

Hugs from Indiana
Janet and gang