Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy birthday!!!

Happy birthday grandma Sharon!!! Oh how we love and cherish you!!!

Here are the girls singing happy birthday to grandma!!
Grandma, grandpa and the girls!

This is how they dressed for grandma's birthday dinner!

WE LOVE YOU!!!!!! CJ, Amy, Trevor, Madelyn, Rachel and Linzhi Rose


Football and Fried Rice said...

Oh, I'll bet Grandma melted when the girls dressed up for her special party! What's not to love?

janetwoods79 said...

Dearest Friends, I was given the name of your article on my adoption website by a co teacher friend. I am 54 and also have arthrogryposis. I read with intrigue about your little ones. Please give them my best and tell them I am a teacher and would love to be friends.
Janet Woods

Sophie said...

Happy birthday to Grandma! I'm sure it was a treat for her to see her beautiful granddaughters all dressed up for her special day. Too cute!