Saturday, October 17, 2009

Missing our guy...But staying busy!

Thank you Jesus! I heard from CJ via text and email that they made it safe and sound to Hong Kong!!!! Thank you for all your prayers! We sure miss him!! The girls are showing how much they miss their daddy in different ways. For instance, Linzhi is very, very sad. She will stop and cry throughout the day asking when daddy is coming home. Below is a picture that sums up her mood the last couple of days. My sweet girl has a broken heart.

Rachel on the other hand has decided she's going to become a bit of a stinker, a pretty little stinker but a stinker for sure. This picture perfectly captures her mood the last couple of days...So I've been...LOL...CRY....LOL....CRY....Beg God for get the picture, right???

Trevor has been a GOD send to his mama. He's been a great help with the dogs and the girlies. It's cute how he corrects them if they get out of line. He's even given me a few extra hugs (much needed I must say). I love my boy!

Took the girls to the farmer's market and took these cute pics..Here's miss Linzhi Lu.

And...Miss Rachel Cate.

I threw this picture in of me because my darling Rachel snapped it of me as I was reminding her the new color books and crayons are for everyone...For the 4th time. When she snapped the picture I broke out in complete laughter otherwise, I would have bawled!! Both girls were in bed by 7:15P for good reason. We had Trevor's brother and sister (dad's kids) spend the night and Rachel did not get enough sleep and poor Miss Linzhi is not only sad about daddy but she has come own with a yucky cold.

Here's a self portrait Rachel took of herself after mama had the discussion about the crayons. This child is missing her daddy too and is expressing it the only way she knows how...He face says it all!

I LOVE this picture! I came home from dropping CJ and Rod off at the airport and walked in on my girls rolling dice with grandma and grandpa!!! How cute is that! I love Linzhi and Rachel's expressions. PRICELESS! Linzhi has the looked of "busted" and Rachel has the look of "don't bother me I'm on a roll" Actually, grandma was teaching them "bunko"

I've got lots of things planned the next few weeks to keep their minds off of missing daddy, so more pictures to come...
God bless,


Lori Lee said...

May God bless you and keep you and your family. You are a light shining in darkness, an admirable woman of God!

Chelley said...

Wow you are sooooooooo PRETTY and you so young!!!!