Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Life. Is. Busy.

Oh my goodness, what a week already! As by beloved husband prepares to leave for China on Thursday for 14 days on a mission trip, I find myself with a laundry list of "honey do" items that he needs to take care of before he leaves. What happened to the independent, working gal that used to run every aspect of her own home without a honey to help her??? Well, I'm not saying I'm a light weight but I must admit, it's wonderful to have a mate/helper/best friend to share my life and all the extra things in life like, furnace filters, tenant issues, oh and a six month old LARGE puppy named Russ... so needless to say...I'm gonna miss him!

Our understanding is we are not allowed to post any information on the purpose of the mission in China, all I can say it has to do with the delivery of bibles. Please keep my honey and the other people involved in your prayers, please pray the Lord opens the borders so they can get in and out with ease. As much as I can I will keep you posted. CJ does plan on sending me pictures of their journey however I will not put any captions as to where they are located. God is such an awesome God! I am just so thankful China is getting the opportunity to hear the Gospel. So on that note, I want to add another prayer request for the people in China and that they may find Hope, comfort and salvation in the ONE who gave it all away so that we may live. I am truly in awe of our Savior. He moves mountains, everyday.

God bless.


Stefanie said...

AMEN! I hope his trip goes perfectly!
And I have a man like that around here, I sure do MISS him when he's gone ;)

TanyaLea said...

ABSOLUTELY!! So happy to join with you in praying for salvation and the gospel to be spread throughout that land! Also, praying for God's hedge of protection to cover each of them on this mission He has set before them.

And I second Stef on the 'good man' thing... my hubby was gone last week for work and it's amazing how much I am able to take for granted when he is around, that I don't realize as much until he is gone. Praise the Lord for great hubbies!! <><