Monday, March 9, 2009

A taste of Spring...

Aw, the tease of 65 degree weather... We took full advantage of the beautiful taste of spring and played outside all afternoon! It is now 38 degrees with the threat of colder weather later in the week BUT I don't mind as much because I know what's around the corner....I have to say, I LOVE not working!! I thought I would miss it more than I do but I really don't. I miss the people I worked virtually with but we stay in touch. As I watched the girls playing (Trevor popped out every once in awhile, he had school work to do) I was praising God for the many blessings of my life, I am so grateful and wouldn't change a thing!

Trevor anxiously awaiting his license.... one more month!
Linzhi finding a treasure...A rock.

Rachel found rocks and tiny pine cones.

Rachel loves this little bike although she can ride her two wheeler, she prefers this little bike. =)

Styling in her hat from the D@llor Tree!

And Rachel too!

Linzhi was riding HER little bike which she loves very much too!!

Rachel and Trevor posing for the camera, Linzhi was too busy to stop for a picture. =)

Trying to catch up on her reading.... =)

Linzhi LOVES these sunglasses, actually ANY type of glasses!

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Jenna York said...

I LOVE the strawberry sunglasses!! Steve thought that was cute too!
Rachel looks so grown up reading her zine. Well, Trevor, he looks grown up too!!