Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Trying to be patient....

No news yet.... Today the wait bothered me! Out of all the waiting (almost 2 weeks) today was the hardest for some reason. I basically stalked my computer but nothing came through... I know GOD's hand is working here and we must wait upon Him and His timing. I feel like a big baby expressing how inpatient I've been today but I feel so many have been in my shoes and it's a comfort to know you're all out there supporting us with prayers and hope.

I HOPE and PRAY she's ours... We love her already.

"Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord"


The Ferrill's said...

Oh Amy, I am praying!!!!!!!!!!!! May you hear good news SOON!!!!!!!!!

Mandi said...


Praying you hear something soon. I know how hard the wait is (tomorrow marks one week for us).
I find it amazing how we can instantly fall in love with a picture and immediately welcome that child into our family.
He is so good.

Chelley said...

Prayers that you will have word soon!!!


Mandi said...


Any news yet? I just talked with my agency and they said that they are running about two weeks for getting PA. That puts us hopefully finding out sometime next week. How long has it been since you submitted your LOI?


The Ferrill's said...

Still praying!!!!!!!!!!!!

sara said...

I am clinging to hear news!! Proverbs says good news WILL come from a distant land - let's hear it!!! May God's strength envelope you this week as you wait for news!!

Nicole said...

Praying that PA comes TOMORROW!!! So excited for you!!!