Wednesday, March 4, 2009


My life flashed before me today as I watched my Linzhi run into a busy road at her pre-school. For some reason my girls are out of control when I pick them up from school, they NEVER act like this anywhere else. It makes me so angry and embarrassed when I try and talk to their teacher and they're acting like wild animals, today was no exception but it could have ended up much worse. Here's the scene...

Before we walked out of school I looked at both girls and said "DO NOT RUN TO THE TRUCK AND DO NOT LET GO OF MY HAND" In my arms, I have one book bag and two winter coats (it was warmer today), I have Rachel and Linzhi's hands as well, sure enough Rachel wiggles out of my hand and Linzhi takes off too. I could see Rachel off to the side but Linzhi darted for the road. I dropped everything I had and ran as fast as I could while calling her name, she didn't stop, she kept running. I knew at any moment a car could would be on the same road. I grabbed and lifted Linzhi by one arm and put her over my shoulder so as I was saving one child's life my daughter that knows the rules much clearer than Linzhi decided to run on the other side of the truck to "hide" from me. I drive a Chevy Tahoe so there is NO WAY for me to see a little person on the side of the truck. At this point Ms. Michelle called to Rachel and told her to come back to me. I grabbed both girls, strapped them in their boosters firmly, picked up the mess from all the papers flying out of the book bags, got in the car, called CJ and then the water works set in. I could have lost one or both of my babies today, it shook me to my core. What shocks me is they know better but still they took off like wild animals. When we got home, I ordered them to the couch and told them they had to stay there until dad got home, which was within minutes. We both sat them down and scolded them about what had happened and what COULD have happened!!!! Then they were both sent to bed. About 15 minutes later CJ went up and talked to them more while I made dinner. They lost privileges for a few days and they have to go to bed early but most importantly, I decided I will take one kid to the car at a time. I obviously can't trust them (for the time being) not to go in or near the road and it's a risk I'm not willing to take.

Praise God for keeping a car from coming down the road as my Linzhi made a run for it. Thank you JESUS for shielding my babies!!!!


Jessica said...

Oh Amy, I've been there! It's much better now but I know the feeling of grab the one that seems to be in the most danger first! Scary for sure. I have had to practice at home how to exit with them. I wonder what it is about leaving that sends kiddos into 'wild-child' mode :) The other time we struggle with behavior is at the doctors office. I am sure everyone there thinks I have no control but I am pretty sure that it is anxiety setting in on them there.

So glad everything was okay :)


The Ferrill's said...

I have walked in those same shoes, Amy! And it is frustrating and scary all at the same time. I'm so sorry that had to happen today; and so thankful that God protected your sweet girls.
I love you! Praying for you!!!!!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

What a close call. Praise God she was kept safe. (Has your heart stopped pounding yet?)

Lori Lee said...

Yikes! I'm sure they learned a valuable lesson today, praise God your girls are safe tonight.