Sunday, October 26, 2008

I WON!!!!

I won this dress through auction at this site

Please go to this blog. This family is trying to raise funds to bring their precious daughter Rachel home from China.

Click on the picture to see the detail of the dress. I LOVE this pattern! This dress will be Linzhi's. First of all, it's size 2T which is Linzhi's dress size...Yes, my almost 4 year old is still is a size 2T for dresses (she's a little peanut!) AND I want her to have a special dress for a keepsake AND all the proceeds go to bringing this precious child home.

Not much else to report around here. It's been pretty quiet. Trevor and I went to Chicago to visit my sister Emily and her boyfriend Mike. We had a great time, I'll post about that later in the week with pictures.

Have a wonderful Monday!


Anna 'B'anana said...

Yeah Amy!! I love that dress. I won the beautiful tutu skirt and the outfit by Red Thread Stitches. It was such a great way to help out Kathy and her family. We travelled with them when we journeyed for Sarah and they are the BEST people!!!!

Looking forward to hearing about your visit to Chicago and seeing pictures of Miss Linzhi in her new duds!

Jessica said...

Yeaaaah! Can't wait to see her in that dress so you'll have to post a pic :)


Katy said...

congrats!!! The dress is sooo cute!